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New domain extensions are on the way: Place non-binding domain preregistrations for new TLDs at InterNetX

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN, released the new gTLD program on June 20, 2011. InterNetX is offering free domain preregistrations for selected nTLDs.

(REGENSBURG, June 20, 2011) – The decision has been made: The international adminstrative authority for Internet, ICANN, released the new gTLD program on June 20, 2011, at the 41st ICANN Meeting in Singapore. Companies and organizations can now apply for new domain extensions following clearly defined application guidelines. InterNetX already gives customers the possibility to preregister domains for selected new top-level domains (nTLDs) via the domain management system AutoDNS 3.0.

Six years have elapsed between the first draft of the applicant guidebook and the current version, but now there are no more obstacles in the way for new domain extensions. The productive expansion of the global online market with the introduction of new generic TLDs will create the Internet space required to meet the growing demand of business and networking activities. The new generic Internet addresses will also greatly aid search engine optimization. The main focus of the new TLDs is currently on the categories cities and regions, trademarks and companies, interest groups and specific branches. At InterNetX, free and non-binding preregistrations can currently be made for .AFRICA, .BAYERN, .BERLIN, .BIKE, .BOARD, .ECO, .FLORIDA, .FREE, .GAY, .GREEN, .HAMBURG, .HOTEL, .LOVE, .MUSIC and .XXX – the InterNetX nTLD portfolio will be extended continuously.

“We finally have the certainty that new domain extensions are on the way. Even though domains can currently only be preregistered, the ever-growing demand leaves absolutely no doubt that new top-level domains will be established on the global Internet address market. At InterNetX, the door to new TLDs is open to registrants through AutoDNS 3.0,” concludes Hakan Ali, founder and Director of Sales and Marketing at the Regensburg-based Internet Service Provider.

ICANN expects the introduction of the first new TLDs towards the end of 2012 – between 300 and 400 new domain extensions are expected until then.