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High-Performance Advertising Banner Distribution

Customer requirements

An easily scalable and efficient platform with high availability for the distribution of advertising materials on several portals - high demand for setup stability with regard to availability and performance.

Implementation by InterNetX

Working together intensively with the client, a matching concept for the hardware and software setup was drawn up. Through timely coordination with the developers of the application, this could be customized to meet the requirements for content exactly.

Transparent setup with autarchic systems

To create an efficient platform for the distribution of advertising materials, a scalable and highly available solution had to be developed. For even load distribution, InterNetX implemented its tried-and-tested load balancer solution in connection with single systems, thereby keeping the setup as transparent as possible.

The advantage of this construct is that each system is autarchic. Should disturbances arise on one system, the distribution is not affected. There is no single point of failure that can lead to a system disruption. The result of this approach is that the entire structure is easier to scale and can be expanded without restrictions.

High-load web server optimized by InterNetX

Based on extensive experience, InterNetX developed a web server, that is especially laid out for high-load scenarios. This supports an optimal workload for the utilized hardware.

Advantages for our customers

Thanks to this structure, the setup can easily be scaled. Almost borderless expansion of the setup can be carried out by simply allocating further systems.

Over and above this, InterNetX provides administrative work as a service to the customer. The customer therefore only needs to take care of the content. InterNetX guarantees the highest possible system availability and security with this managed solution.