Social Projects

Taking on social responsibility is an integral part of the corporate culture at InterNetX. This is why we support projects with ethical, social and ecological backgrounds.

Team Bananenflanke is an innovative soccer project for mentally, physically and socially disadvantaged children and adolescents. With the help of experiential education, the association strives to inspire extraordinary emotions with the aim to support developing the personality and social competences of the young persons. Building up a positive self-esteems is the main goal. 
Things have not always gone "straight" in the lives of the fostered youth, which is why the association chose the banana as their mascot. The former president of Germany, Joachim Gauck, awarded the project with the "Great Star of Sports" in gold. The project was founded in Regensburg, Germany, and has now been established across Germany. 
„Clean Water. For Life“
More than 28 million people in Uganda and Kenya lack access to clean water. The three-step approach of WaterSchool aims to solve this, by cleaning water with the power of the sun, setting up simple household structures and carrying out trainings on proper hygiene.
This improves the health of the people, boosts the economy and guarantees that more children can attend school instead of walking for water. WaterSchool partners with local organizations to make the materials accessible to as many communities as possible. The proven three-step approach has impacted over 750,000 people since 2007.
Bischof-Wittmann school is a private support center with a focus on mental development. The school features a semi-residential support center and a daycare facility with the goal to enable a holistic development and education for mentally handicapped children and youth. The children are fostered through education, play, training, therapy and practice as part of an interdisciplinary cooperation. Specific measures are taken based on age and personal development.
The staff teaches behavior patterns and modes of experience in order to develop a work ethic and prepare them for the job world. Leisure activities, leisure education and project work are supposed to help unburden families. The employees have been trained professionally as special education teachers, in inclusive education, as foreman, school nurse, occupational therapist or physiotherapist, speech therapist, social worker or (pre/school) teachers among others.
2MoreSmiles is a non-profit organization founded by friends in order to support people in need in South Africa in a permanent and sustainable fashion. Joe Gretsch is on site in South Africa, promoting two projects with full commitment:
  1. Meals on Wheels prepares and delivers food to the poor, sick, old and other people in need on a daily basis. 
  2. Joe supports the Helderberg Primary School by taking over tasks such as a caretaker or teacher; depending on wherever his help is needed.
Joe works as a volunteer, his pay is the smile of the people that he helps. This approach is reflected perfectly in the philosophy of the association: Gift something with a smile and it will come back to you. 
At the Students Charity Fight Night, scholars from Regensburg University and OTH Regensburg can enter the ring in order to collect money for local and international social projects of their choice. Students will be grouped according to weight, height, gender and physical fitness. Only amateurs can participate – students with previous boxing experience are excluded.
SCFN is not just a sports event, but also a gala evening where students of all fields can enjoy a great event while also doing something good. An after show party will take place after the main event. The proceeds from the ticket sales, the catering and the crowdfunding campaign will then be evenly distributed among the projects.

Formula Student is an international design competition. Students work together as teams to design and build a one-seat race car. They later use that car to compete against teams from around the world in yearly racing events. Formula Student is not simply about the fastest car, but about the whole package. A jury of experts from the automotive and racing industry will award the prize based on race performance, construction, following the rules and financial planning.

In addition students will get to prove their talent on the race track in various dynamic disciplines. Students that helped build the car will take the wheel themselves. Dynamics provides them with the opportunity to enrich their studies with valuable hands-on experiences in construction and business planning.  

The Wiesau IT schools offer various apprenticeships to aspiring qualified IT specialists, state examined business data processing specialists, IT managers or state examined information technicians. An integral part of the education at Wiesau IT schools is to provide the graduates with practical knowledge that allows them to start working independently and with a business perspective after a short training period with their future employer.

The school provides the graduates with the necessary practical programming IT skills as well as sound commercial and organizational knowledge. The positive feedback from employers proves that the school achieves these goals.

WINFOR has been founded with the goal to promote science, research and education in the information management and operation research departments at Regensburg University. The association offers students and graduates, teachers, researchers and businesses the opportunity to exchange information and for science and businesses to work together. 

By connecting science and business, the association creates acts as a mouthpiece for the IT industry in the Regensburg region. Another central element is to promote young talents.