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Our experts in the InterNetX Tier 3 data center in Munich will take good care of your servers. Find out more about the housing and colocation solutions by InterNetX.

Server housing and colocation

Own racks are essential in the IT industry. The housing and colocation solutions of InterNetX allow you to safely store your computer equipment at competitive prices in our highly available Tier 3 data center. Benefit from our years of experience in server housing.

Highest security standards, a secure power supply and the efficient climate control in the InterNetX data center ensure interference-free operation - around the clock, 365 days of the year. Numerous safety aspects guarantee a safe home for your server!

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The InterNetX first-class data center in Munich fulfills all the requirements of a modern high-security data center. Our high-end equipment complies with the highest standards in climate, electric and security technology.

In terms of performance, the multiple redundant connections with a bandwidth of more than 50 Gbit/s, leave nothing to be desired. Our highly qualified experts will ensure the safety of your data around the clock.

The InterNetX Data Center is a DE-CIX Enabled Site!

Your advantages at InterNetX

TIER 3 data center

Our data center in Munich has been running free from interference since more than four years. Thus, we can provide 100% availability.
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Branded hardware

We only use hardware from established partners like Dell, Parallels, Intel, Citrix and from many other well-known brands.

24/7 support

Our multilingual support will gladly assist you in all your technical inquiries. Additionall, we provide you with a 24/7 emergency hotline.

Individual advice

Our server specialists will give you an individual consultation and develop a customized server solution to meet your business requirements exactly. 

Feature overview

  • 24/7/365 security
  • Freestanding building in an inconspicuous location
  • Biometric access protocol system (fingerprint, palm vein scanner)
  • Motion sensor and camera surveillance
  • Closed video surveillance system in the building
  • Located on the 1st floor protects against water, radiation and vandalism
  • All doors in rooms under video surveillance meet at least the RC3 protection rating
  • ISO / IEC 27001 – globally recognized standard for information security management
  • ITIL – IT Infrastructure Library lists "best practices" in IT service management (ITSM)
  • RIPE – InterNetX is a member of the "Réseaux IP Européens", responsible for the registration, allocation and coordination of Internet resources (IPv4/IPv6 addresses, AS numbers) in Europe
  • M-net
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Global Access
  • Cogent
  • EUNetworks
  • Level 3
  • Our competent, multilingual support (German, Englisch) will gladly assist you with any questions, problems or wishes you may have via telephone or email.
  • Outside our regular office hours you can reach our Technical Services Team under a 24/7 emergency hotline.
  • Early fire detection system (VESDA) via CMS (type: ZETFAS)
  • F90 fireproof walls and doors
  • Optic smoke detectors, dual detectors, ionization smoke detectors on the ceiling e.g. double floor
  • Gaseous fire suppression (type: INERGEN)
  • Electrical connection with two monitored differential current 10 KV underground cables, redundancy N+2
  • AC USV with bridging time of more than 15 Minutes
  • Concept with diesel generators, two feeds with 3200 A circuit-breakers
  • Separate power distribution units with respective A and B customer allocation
  • Separate A/B bus bar system supplying critical and non-critical equipment
  • The power for the infrastructure components in the InterNetX Tier 3 Data Center is supplied 100% through hydropower.
  • Air/cooling performance for basic setup, q0 > = 1000 W/m² as specific cooling performance per m² occupied area in equipment room, i.e. per footprint, on customer demand in HD areas up to 2000 W/m²
  • Air temperature control via air handling units (AHUs) meeting the requirements in IT rooms; constant air intake temperature in server cabinets
  • Cold aisle containment – innovative rack cooling system based on the principle of strictly dividing cold and warm air – the ideal solution to keep up with technical developments and growing climate demands
  • Cold water piping made out of black steel pipes, i.e. welded PVC piping, system temperatures
  • Optional connection to the DarkFibre City Circuit

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Climate friendly power supply

The power for the infrastructure components in the InterNetX Tier 3 Data Center is supplied 100% through hydropower.

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