Email encryption with S/MIME: Higher communication security

Unencrypted email communication is one of the largest security vulnerabilities on the Internet. By offering digital certificates from GlobalSign, InterNetX provides a solution that reduces the risks.

Secure communication is the basis for successfully working on the Web. Support requests are being answered, contact data is being transmitted and even payment information is being exchanged by email. Data that deserves special protection and is being encrypted on Websites, is commonly exchanged unencrypted by email. At the same time the business with fraudulent emails is still rampant. Security experts estimate that 60 percent of all messages sent worldwide are spam. This means that each day an estimated 28 billion unwanted mails make it into people’s in-boxes. Hakan Ali, founder and CMO of InterNetX, sees a particular need for encrypted communication in companies. "If you secure your communication at the relevant points, you close the gateways for phishing or data theft. In doing so the company also portrays itself as a trustworthy partner", says Hakan Ali. GlobalSign, one of the leading companies in the field of data security, determined that 95% of all successful attacks on company networks result from spear phishing attacks. According to Paul Tourret, Managing Director at GlobalSign EMEA, this underlines the importance of email security. "Only this guarantees that email content is not being intercepted and decoded by an unauthorized person, that they have not been changed, and it shows the recipient that the email has indeed been sent by the specified sender", says Paul Tourret. InterNetX is now offering GlobalSign certificates, a solution for secure email communication. Digital certificates ensure encrypted data transmission, keeping the data confidential. The digital signature is the proof for the origin and the integrity of the transmitted message. This is ensured by using the industry standard S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). Using an identity check through additional digital signatures proves the origin of the message at the same time.  The right certificate verifies both the company as well as the sender. The certificates are being offered with different features. The highest security level verifies not only the ownership of the email address, but also the identity of the person and the existence of the organization. "Email is an integral part of daily life – in business or in private. Business emails in particular are being used to send confidential and sensitive data – information which must under no circumstances get in the wrong hands", says Paul Tourett.