Encryption Everywhere: InterNetX and Symantec are striving for blanket encryption by 2018

InterNetX will start offering a free encryption service for its domains in April 2016. In cooperation with Symantec, InterNetX wants to establish HTTPS as the worldwide security standard for websites.

Higher security on the Net: InterNetX, one of the leading B2B providers of domain and hosting solutions and Symantec, the global leader for Internet security are launching an initiative for a secure Internet. With Basic SSL, InterNetX offers free certificates as an introductory solution to encrypting websites. InterNetX will be the first provider to exclusively participate in Encryption Everywhere worldwide. With Basic SSL, website owners will receive DNS-validated SSL certificates which can be requested at InterNetX through a fully automated system. The service will be available from April 4, 2016 and is free of charge for all domains managed at InterNetX.
InterNetX and Symantec are striving to accomplish a blanket encryption among trustworthy websites until 2018. Roxane Divol, Senior Vice President and General Manager Website Security at Symantec, sees an urgent need for action: "There are almost a billion web sites today, yet only about 3% of those sites are encrypted, which means cybercriminals have been able to make a good living off of the web’s lack of security." For Marco Hoffmann, Head of Domain Services and Product Management at InterNetX, the initiative marks a big step on the path to a secure Internet: "Encryption Everywhere is a strong signal that the security of user data is the top priority", said Marco Hoffmann. "With Symantec as partner we created Encryption Everywhere as an easy solution for our customers to secure all of the 3.8 million domains managed by InterNetX, and all newly registered addresses."
Google’s latest initiative shows that encryption has long become more than just a matter of trust between the user and a website owner. The company announced that it would use SSL encryption as a ranking factor in the future, boosting HTTPS-secured sites in their search results. Recent studies by search engine analysts have already revealed first effects in the search results. SSL/TLS is considered one of the most reliable means for encrypted data transmission. For high-security online services such as banking sites, webmail services or professional shops, the technology has now become the standard. These notably security-sensitive users are counting on certificates with Extended Validation (EV) which differ from other solutions in their particularly thorough validation process and the especially high levels of encryption.