InterNetX issued more than 1.6 million DigiCert SSL Certificates

Within just a few days, InterNetX, one of the leading B2B providers of domain, cloud and server solutions, and DigiCert, the world’s leading provider of TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI solutions, issued more than 1.6 million TLS/SSL certificates – a milestone on the road to making the Internet safer.

InterNetX, one of the leading B2B providers of domain, cloud and server solutions and a DigiCert Platinum Elite Partner, worked together with DigiCert, the world’s leading provider of TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI solutions, to issue more than 1.6 million TLS/SSL certificates in a matter of days. This project is a proof of concept for encrypting well over a million domains in the shortest possible time, so that future IoT projects with millions of devices distributed worldwide can be implemented easily. TLS, commonly still referred to as SSL, is a protocol designed to enable secure data transmission over the Internet. TLS/SSL certificates ensure that the connections between a server and a client are encrypted according to the X.509 standard and enable verifying the message integrity. The PROCEED service developed by InterNetX has fully automated the deployment and renewal of TLS certificates to online devices. Because PROCEED operates on a Kubernetes cluster, DigiCert TLS certificates can be implemented in real time. InterNetX uses Kubernetes for container orchestration enabling the service to scale fast. Thanks to integrating DigiCert's modern infrastructure and robust certificate issuance engine with PROCEED, TLS certificates can be issued fast and web pages encrypted in real time. This solution enables fast TLS certificate issuance for each individual domain without requiring action from the customer. The flexibility and scalability enabled by Kubernetes is setting a milestone in the history of secure Internet. InterNetX was able to fully automate issuance of 12,000 TLS certificates per hour and a total of 1.6 million TLS certificates within five and a half days. This makes the "Encryption Everywhere" initiative launched by DigiCert and InterNetX a great success. "Our common goal is the comprehensive encryption of the World Wide Web. We have now come closer to this goal and can proudly say that thanks to our work together with DigiCert we have encrypted 1.6 million domains in less than a week: in this timeframe and on this scale, this is unique in the world", says Manuel Pühl, CTO of InterNetX GmbH. As a DigiCert Platinum Elite Partner, InterNetX has developed security solutions based on multiple types of DigiCert certificates for hosters, resellers and SMEs. InterNetX is a premium provider of SSL certificates and provides authorized business partners with the ability to provide security solutions that enable secure data transfer over the long-term. "InterNetX’s successful proof of concept of this large-scale, automated certificate deployment shows the value of pairing our modern TLS infrastructure with a great partner like InterNetX and their Kubernetes know-how. Both of our companies believe in using new technology to accelerate making the Internet more secure", states Rob Hoblit, Chief Revenue Officer at DigiCert. About InterNetX: InterNetX GmbH is one of the world's leading providers of domain and hosting solutions for resellers and professional users. With more than 3.8 million managed domains, over 1,000 domain extensions in its portfolio, over 3,000 hosted servers and 1.6 milion administered SSL certificates, InterNetX serves 25,000 international partners.