InterNetX launches Green Week on World Environment Day

For one week, InterNetX goes green – quite literally. The Green Week by InterNetX illustrates how green hosting works, why not all data centers are the same in terms of energy efficiency, and how InterNetX implements the green economy in their daily business.

Regensburg, June 5, 2019 – InterNetX GmbH wants to raise awareness for ecological and sustainable hosting by kicking-off the Green Week on June 5, 2019, the official World Environment Day, with a green colored website. Among other things, InterNetX provides the "Green Paper" free of charge for download at The "Green Paper" is a digital guide that focuses on resource-efficient hosting and shows what website operators should consider when choosing their hosting provider. If the Internet were a country, it would rank sixth in terms of global energy consumption. Computers and smartphones have revolutionized the business world while increasing global energy needs. The websites we visit daily, the emails we send and receive and the applications running on our smartphones are all handled professionally in data centers. However, there are big ecological differences between data centers. With its own 100% green energy data center in Munich, InterNetX relies on a multitude of measures that save electricity and conserve valuable resources. Cooling the hardware during operation represents the process with the greatest energy demand. The cold aisle containment used by InterNetX as a server cooling method saves 30% of energy compared to traditional cooling methods. In addition, when planning the new InterNetX data center, special care was taken to ensure that the ceiling height of ten meters is almost three times as high as in other data centers. This allows the waste heat from the servers to flow directly into the cooling registers, which are installed across the ceiling at a height of seven meters. These passive cooling elements, which are located in the so-called "CoolW@lls®" chill the air particularly energy-efficient, and then route the cold air back to the servers. In addition, state-of-the-art Dell EMC servers guarantee efficient energy consumption on the hardware side. In the so-called "Green Paper," InterNetX highlights these differences and details why hardware, software, and data center security all play an essential role in the environmental footprint. InterNetX invites everybody to think about green hosting: Environmentally conscious and sustainable hosting – acting responsibly for our future. Hakan Ali, founder and managing director of InterNetX GmbH, has a clear stance on the matter: "Sustainability is not a necessity. Sustainability is not a trend. Sustainability is an attitude towards society and the future! We not only align our everyday office life according to this motto, but above all, our products and services. We develop them for you in order to sustainably support your business. Because every company can make its contribution to the ecological handling of valuable resources." Press kit for download: InterNetXGreen Paper