InterNetX reaches milestone: 4 million domain mark cracked

InterNetX passes the mark of 4 million domains managed via its own domain management platform AutoDNS.

The time has come! At InterNetX, the 4 millionth domain has been  registered via AutoDNS – another million mark has been reached. The entire InterNetX team, consisting of 120 domain experts, is excited about this milestone and has conducted research on four facts that were perhaps not yet known in this context:

  • The 4 million managed domains are distributed over 1,053 domain extensions available to AutoDNS users.
  • On average, a domain has been registered or transferred to InterNetX via AutoDNS every three minutes since the foundation of InterNetX in May 1998.
  • The 4 million domains are managed by over 30,000 customers from 82 countries.
  • 64% of the managed domain portfolio was registered under ccTLDs and 36% under gTLDs, new gTLDs, cityTLDs and geoTLDs.

Hakan Ali, founder and CMO of InterNetX, is proud of this domain growth and positive development: "Looking back, it is a sensational achievement on the part of the entire InterNetX team that, since its foundation 23 years ago, the domain portfolio we manage has already grown to 4 million domains in the first quarter of 2021. InterNetX – from one of the first Internet start-ups in Bavaria to an international B2B domain registrar serving 30,000 customers from all over the world. I would like to thank all our partners for their trust, which has made this achievement possible."