Christmas like it's 1998!

Join us on our look back at Christmas in our founding year 1998 and
win a Nintendo NES Classic Mini console!

Everything used to be ... older

We stumbled upon a box from long forgotten times while looking for Christmas decoration in the attic. In it we found photos of our first InterNetXmas, four Mini NES consoles and a VHS tape dating back to December 25 ... 1998.

After some healthy laughter over the photos, hours of playing Mega Man and some sentimental moments we asked ourselves: What should we do with all this stuff? Throw it out? Put it back into the attic or sell it on eBay?

None of all that! Instead we will upload the VHS tape and the pictures on Facebook and give away a Nintendo NES Mini on every #ThrowbackThursday until Christmas. 

But it seems like something went wrong when digitalizing the photos. But what exactly...?

Participate and win starting 12/1

The prize will be raffled off among all Facebook comments with the correct answer. 

The contest is open from 12/01/2016, 10 AM (CET) till 12/29/2016 10 AM (CET). The prizes will be raffled off after the contest has finished.

Terms of participation (only available in German)