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All you need is .love

February 14 is Valentine's Day, the day of love. But did you know that there is a domain extension, that is all about .love?

Thanks to the new top-level domains, better known as new gTLDs, there is the right domain extension for everyone today. For example, online shops can use a .shop or .store domain, the app market can use .app and New Yorkers can use the .nyc extension. But even the most important topic in the world, love, is of course among the hundreds of new gTLDs represented – namely in the form of .love. The domain extension already entered General Availability on July 17, 2015. In mid-February 2019, the number of registered .love domains was nearly 31,000, a growth of more than 11,000 compared to the previous year.


.love is now managed by the Merchant Law Group. However, the rights to the new gTLD were fiercely contested for a long time: Google, Donuts and four other applicants were all interested in .love. However, on December 8, 2014, the Merchant Law Group was awarded the contract for the new gTLD. In their letter of application at the time, the company stated that they wanted to market .love as a domain extension for registrants interested in love, engagement, marriage and family.

.love is everywhere

The business with love is booming – also online. In 2018, almost 52% of Germans ordered their Valentine's Day gifts online, 29% used online dating services for finding dates, and numerous online shops have already become aware of the topic of love. One could say: love has finally arrived on the World Wide Web.

Here are just a few examples, who could benefit from a .love domain:


As already mentioned, more and more online shops are dedicated to love. Meanwhile, there is a special provider on the Internet for almost anything that has something to do with it: bridal wear, wedding items, flowers, chocolates and much more. Why not highlight this specialization even more with a .love domain?

Online dating

For many people, the Internet today is the first place to go in the search for great love. So it's no wonder that more and more providers in the online dating industry want to get involved. With the .love extension, you can stand out from the competition.

Wedding planner

Their wedding day is for many people probably the most important day in their life. In order for everything to go over smoothly, many couples hire a professional wedding planner to take care of the organization. And which domain could be better suited for a wedding planner than a .love domain?


Especially in books, movies and music, love is still one of the most frequently used topics. If you want to promote your newest work on an extra website, you should definitely consider using the new gTLD when choosing your domain. Thanks to the TLD, it becomes immediately clear to the reader, viewer or listener what to expect.


One person might be a big football fan, the other loves art and the next one likes to spend their free time playing video games – there are countless interests. The Internet is ideal for networking like-minded people, for example in forums. Under .love such web projects a fitting home on the World Wide Web.

.love helps you, like no other new gTLD, to put the love in the foreground of your website. Because just one look is enough for the user to recognize what your domain is all about.

.love is there for everyone

But a .love domain does not necessarily have to be related to the topic of love, as illustrated by the following examples:


On "" users will find the best free mockups for their next project. So it's not about love in the traditional sense on this website. Rather, the domain name aims to provide information that the website owners love mockups and want to share this love with the World Wide Web.


The team behind "" has set itself the task of redefining online shopping. The website enables users to quickly and easily discover new trends and brands. The domain name expresses this well – even without the website being directly related to love.

For companies of all kinds that means: .love can also make sense outside the traditional meaning of love. With a little creativity you can create unique domain names – or even brands.

Of course .love is also available for registration at InterNetX.

Is your desired domain still available? Register .LOVE now: