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The InterNetX Blog provides you with news and background information on innovations concerning domains, servers, SSL and other industry-related topics.

And the Oscar goes to: .movie and .actor

Every February, the who's who of the film industry is awarded with the most important film prize in the world, the Oscar. Also award material: the new gTLDs .movie and .actor.

Once a year, the world excitedly looks to Los Angeles. Last Sunday it was time again for the annual Oscar ceremony – the biggest event of the film industry. If you make it onto the list of nominees (or even the winners), you can count yourself among Hollywood's A-ranks. We probably do not need to go on to say that the Internet today is a major contributor to the success of a film or an actor. In addition to social media appearances on Facebook, Instagram and Co., of course, a separate domain also is a must-have in the industry. The first choice often is the popular gTLD .com. The problem here is that attractive .com domains are now few and far between. A welcome remedy for this problem are the new gTLDs .movie and .actor, which have been developed especially for the film industry.


Even though cinemas are currently struggling with a decline in the number of visitors, the love for film – especially considering streaming platforms – is not harmed by the fact. Of course, a successful film marketing strategy also includes a suitable domain. Since it can be hard to find the desired domain under .com, suitable alternatives must be found. One possibility is to extend the domain name by terms such as "movie" or "film", or to use an abbreviation of the film title. But we have a better tip: the new gTLD .movie, which is all about the film industry.

Since the end of August 2015, the registry donuts has been offering .movie for registration. At first, the just under 2,500 registrations for .movie may appear small, but considering that even in the film stronghold USA in 2016 "only" 736 movies were published, the number seems more positive. After all, .com is still the number one choice for domains.

The domain "" is considered a pioneer among the .movie domains. The domain of the eponymous film series had been awarded to Lionsgate in the course of the marketing campaign for the last movie in June 2015, so even prior to the Sunrise phase. But it was not the only .movie domain the film studio secured: The websites of blockbusters such as "American Psycho", "La La Land" or "Dirty Dancing" can be reached under a .movie extension.

Is your desired domain still available? Register .MOVIE now:


But not only the films themselves interest the public, but also the actors who participate in it. Names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie or George Clooney are known to everyone today. As a freshman in show business, however, it can be harder to achieve such widespread recognition. To gain a foothold in the acting business, having your own website can be helpful in attracting producers, agents, and the press. In such cases, choosing the (artist) name as a domain is an obvious choice. A .ACTOR domain has the advantage that it makes your profession visible at the first glance: the acting business. It is therefore suitable for film and theater actors alike. But .ACTOR is equally well suited for drama schools, casting offices or agents to build their home on the web.

.ACTOR entered General Availability one year ahead of .MOVIE and now counts around 2,100 registered domains. Rightside is the registry responsible for the new gTLD.

Is your desired domain still available? Register .ACTOR now:

The reputation of a movie or an actor depends on many factors – the domain is one of them. Thanks to the new gTLDs .MOVIE and .ACTOR, filmmakers now have the opportunity to create matching domains like never before.