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The InterNetX Blog provides you with news and background information on innovations concerning domains, servers, SSL and other industry-related topics.

Domain search: How to find the perfect domain name

Getting the perfect domain name for your business or personal use requires a few solid steps in preparation.

Before you rush in to register the first multi-word, dashed domain under a random extension, get ready to identify a few key points in your intended brand.

Domain names define a brand’s effective footprint, by pointing existing and potential customers to content related to your products and services. They are linked to your success - or failure - and once chosen, should be used consistently afterwards along with your corporate trademarks.

How can you find the perfect domain for your future business or brand?

The keywords should be clean, short, and easy to spell. Avoid words that might have alternate spellings, or words that sound a lot like others. If you decide to go the creative way, you must have a great understanding of your customers’ demographics and interests. Nobody wants to buy a lotion product that sounds like a cleaning agent for the floors, for example!

Dictionary words that come in pairs form meaningful brands that deliver plenty of search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. When your domain name consists of two words, for example, your brand is well defined, and the joint pair is quickly identified by the search engines, such as Google, as a unique brand. 

Begin the process by writing down a list of keywords that could do well with each other, when combined. 

For example, make a list of adjectives and another of nouns, and examine their potential combined effect. You can do the same with lists of verbs and adjectives. Keep the lists closely related to the products and services you intend to provide, and create the combinations before eliminating those that make less sense.

You can try using domain name generators, which are online tools that help you get these combined keywords, and to check the availability of the domains generated. NameBoy is probably the oldest such tool that helps you come up with a creative domain name by entering a couple of keywords.

Another useful tool is FlameDomain - a domain name and brand generator that provides a category-specific tool researching available domain names. The quality of domains is very good, but to perform high volume searches you must pay a fee.

So why not give the AutoDNS Domain Studio a spin? 

The AutoDNS Domain Studio is an intelligent domain search tool, that produces and recommends an extended list of keyword alternatives. 
It’s free and it’s equipped with features that make your keyword selection and filtration, along with smart suggestions of localized results a breeze.
In doing so, the Domain Studio takes geolocation parameters and criteria into account. It produces only available search results, from a choice of well over 1,000 TLDs.

Using a variety of filters is the true power of the AutoDNS Domain Studio.

You can select specific TLDs, toggle switches that pull domains in from the aftermarket, include or exclude dashes, numbers and IDN parameters, and even get a valuation for the results. You can select which of these settings are active, and you can display or hide the filters with one click.
On top of it all, you can restrict the length of the results to a number of characters. After all, you don’t need a 63 character domain name!

Did you find the perfect domain name using the AutoDNS Domain Studio?

With one click you can then add the desired domains to your cart, check out through the registration process, and be ready to manage your new domains in AutoDNS. It’s that simple!
Conclusion: If you are looking for a great tool to research your upcoming brand with, the AutoDNS Domain Studio is an one-stop shop for the job. 

Did we mention it’s free?

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