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eco publishes Registrar Atlas 2013

eco, the Association of the German Internet Industry has now published its third Registrar Atlas. Domain providers in eight countries were questioned about the industry climate for this. This latest survey shows that the industry has shifted focus to accomodate changes connected to the new gTLDs.

eco, Association of the German Internet Industry, has published its third study of the domain industry, the Registrar Atlas. The atlas is based on a survey carried out with domain providers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Great Britain, France and Russia. Companies were questioned on themes related to domain business, service, marketing and trends. The majority of providers are optimistic about the future. More than one third believe the new gTLDs are likely to meet with success. However, many providers shy away from gaining own accreditations due to the necessary staff and financial resources and opt instead to operate as domain resellers.

Opportunities and risks around new gTLDs

Many companies are still uncertain about how the increasing popularity of mobile Apps and search engines will affect the domain market. Apps and search engines allow users to reach website services and websites without or with only fragments of URLs. A number of interviewed companies believe this will result in the decreasing importance of meaningful domain names and TLDs. Despite this uncertainty, several international companies have applied for their own TLDs.  This is due, to some extent, to the large number of companies who not only want to secure their company and trademark names, but also generic terms related to their respective industries. Global players appear confident that the new domain endings will meet with success. Googl, for instance, has submitted numerous applications for own TLDs. This situation has led to a change in strategy for new gTLDs amongst many companies that previously tended to be reserved. The survey shows that the so-called GEO TLDs (domain endings that correspond to specific regions like .berlin or .nyc) are believed to hold the greatest potential for success. In general however, the survey establishes that predictions on the part of domain providers largely depend on the specific domain ending in question. InterNetX has launched a series of products to help companies accommodate new gTLDs in their business. The all-in-one sales platform, DomainShop, has already picked up a number of awards and is specifically designed to meet the demands of new TLD applicants. The TMCH Agent provides support to companies for trademark protection during the introduction of new gTLDs. View the complete Registrar Atlas 2013 eco Registrar Atlas 2013