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Expired domains and how they can be useful for SEO

It often seems impossible: You are planning a new project and trying to find the right domain. Do expired domains provide the optimal solution to the problem?

As the name suggests, expired domains are domains that are about to, or have already, expired. The former webmaster could not or did not want to support the project any longer. After the expiry date, the domains can be re-registered – including the previously obtained properties. The idea sounds tempting: The old/new domain not only offers a domain name that would normally be unavailable, but can also provide valuable SEO benefits. The right domain name can be very important for the success or failure of a website.

SEO benefits through expired domains

Domains that have already been registered, such as expired domains, often already have backlinks, a high domain trust, domain popularity and other SEO features, such as a high PageRank, that can benefit your online presence. If the domain was well maintained by the previous owner, this can provide the perfect starting environment to launch a new project. Laborious steps such as link building or creating a high visibility are then made significantly easier. However, these advantages only exist if the expired domain is used in the same language region and the content is to revolve around the same topic. Expired domains with valuable backlinks can thus help to bring the project forward in the search results and provide a good starting point for further link building.

Expired domains: Caution is required too

These SEO advantages are only possible if the domain had actually been well-maintained before. Backlinks are not per se positive, but can also have a negative impact. If the backlinks come from spammy or irrelevant pages, the opposite effect can also occur. Expert tip: The existing link profile should look natural and include different link types. If you want to thematically change the newly acquired expired domain, you should approach the conversion slowly. Remove old content bit by bit and post new content at regular intervals. However, a certain residual risk remains when buying an expired domain: The entire history of a domain is never completely traceable. There is no guarantee, no matter what price you pay for the expired domain. How do you find a good expired domain?
Expired domains are listed, among others, on the Sedo marketplace. In addition, Sedo offers the optional bid assistant which automatically outperforms other bidders until the maximum bid is reached. To assess the quality of an expired domain, you need to have some basic SEO skills. A good expired domain can quickly crack the thousand-euro mark. The prices are determined by the providers but based on the already described SEO metrics. Therefore, one should absolutely look at the price level of similar domains which could match your industry in order to estimate the price. You can use our domain price check:

Domain Price Check

Many providers of expired domains categorize by industry and quality. In addition to the domain name, information about the topic, age, popularity of the domain and PageRank are often made available. This gives the buyer a bit more security but not a complete guarantee that the domain is flawless.