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Meltdown and Specter: The biggest security vulnerability of all time and what you should do

Many older but also modern processors have proven vulnerable to "meltdown" and "specter". These flaws can initially only be fixed through changes to the software, i.e. the program code of operating systems or patches to individual applications such as Firefox.

The shock was great when the vulnerabilities in the design of computer chips became known in early January. Especially Intel, but also ARM and to some extent AMD are being hit hard by the security holes. More than a dozen attack scenarios are possible and they are difficult to prevent. To make matters worse, almost every computer and every smartphone is defenseless and that may have been the case for decades. Possible attacks that might have occurred are no longer traceable. The exceptional scale and the continued uncertainty make this case a catastrophe for the IT industry and ultimately for billions of users. It is therefore more important than ever for users to keep their operating systems up to date and to download provided updates.

Our Managed Server customers do not have to worry about anything: we will import the updates as they become available.

For unmanaged server customers, we ask that the appropriate patches be listed below. Should questions arise in this regard, you are welcome to contact our support:

Security updates and further information

Please note: In oder to close the vulnerabilities of the CPUs also BIOS updates will be required. For this, we keep close contact to our hardware providers. We will inform you here as the BIOS updates become available.

RHEL/Scientific/CentOS 6

RHEL/Scientific/CentOS 7 

FreeBSD/PFsense (WIP)

Ubuntu (WIP)

Debian (WIP)

We will keep our overview up to date for you.