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Radix publishes Premium Domains Report for first half of 2020

The registry Radix takes stock of the premium domain market in 2020. The conclusion: The revenues from renewals and new registrations are growing strongly.

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The registry Radix manages ten new gTLDs – .fun, .host, .online, .press, .site, .space, .store, .tech, .website and .uno. With their biannual "Premium Domains Report", Radix provides valuable insights about current developments and trends with regard to new registrations and renewals. The report is traditionally based on infographics, the validity and relevance of which we will be examining more closely here.


First results for 2020: strong growth and higher revenues

According to the Premium Domains Report, 1,223 new registrations for premium domains were made during the first half of 2020, almost double the number compared to the same period last year. In 2019, Radix reported 619 new registrations for the first half of the year. Good news for Radix is that sales for the first half-year rose to USD 971,324, an increase of 85 % compared to 2019.

The development for renewals was also very positive, even if more moderate. Revenue from renewal fees was USD 838,500 in the same period last year and has risen by only 18.9 % in comparison.

The registration figures for premium domains under the new gTLDs managed by Radix were up by 97 %  in the first half-year 2020 compared to the previous year. The concept of premium domains under the new gTLDs at Radix appears to be gaining ground. This is made particularly apparent by the data on .tech and .online.

Premium Domain Report for first half 2020 – what else do the numbers say?

The Radix Report clearly demonstrates that the lion’s share of revenue came from new registrations of premium domains under .tech and .online – a whopping 43 % in total.

The new gTLDs .tech, .online and .store experienced the highest demand in the premium segment and, surprisingly, no mention of .uno can be found in the report.

Notching up a total of USD 360,800, new registrations of .tech domains were clearly the most profitable. Second place is taken by .online with USD 199,122 altogether. And domain names under .store follow on third spot with a total of USD 161,600.

At USD 1,115, the average price of .tech domains was highest, followed by .online domains at USD 1,006 and USD 941 for .site domains. The image below indicates further prices.

Is the report representative of the entire market?

Yes and no. The numbers with regard to the development of premium domains and new gTLDs from the Radix portfolio are very interesting, but do not allow for direct conclusions to be drawn with regard to the entire market.

Nevertheless, it does reveal that the concept of “premium domains” is demonstrating positive development and that certain new gTLDs have established themselves, at least in the house of Radix. Another fact that is confirmed by the Premium Domains Report is that the coronavirus pandemic has led to increased demand in the e-commerce segment. This is also reflected by the registration numbers for premium domains under .store, with 248 registrations in the first half-year 2020, at an average price of USD 819.

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