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The InterNetX Blog provides you with news and background information on innovations concerning domains, servers, SSL and other industry-related topics.

Status quo of the domain industry

To determine the status of an industry, a lot of number crunching is required. InterNetX and Sedo have made this their goal and have evaluated over 130 million data records. For the Global Domain Report, we evaluated both internal and external data sets.

We spared no effort in creating the Global Domain Report. Because we love domains. And we take special care of all things dear to our heart. That's why we wanted to know: What's going on in the domain industry? And where is it headed?
We have answered these questions and more for you in the Global Domain Report.


That's why we love domains

Domains are what make the online space accessible for the diversity awaiting the user on the Internet. Behind every single registered domain, something else is hidden: a blog, an e-commerce shop, a corporate website or a marketplace domain for sale.

Since the inception of the publicly available Internet, domains have been released for registration under more than 1,000 TLDs and over 369 million domains are currently registered. Each web address is unique, gives individual content a name and makes it accessible worldwide.

Our approach: evaluating the registration numbers

In order to be able to evaluate the numerous data sets in a structured manner, the Global Domain Report was divided into three main categories: the global view of the domain market, which extends from the registry to the end customer, the view of the registrars and the perspective of the aftermarkets.

The domain market is subject to constant change. At the moment, the impression frequently published is that the market is stagnating and fewer domains are being registered. But our extensive research shows that there is still growth – albeit marginal.
From a global perspective, domain registrations continue to grow by 5.1% (17.4 million domains) annually.

The graph from the Global Domain Report shows how many TLDs are available for registration in the respective subcategories and how many domains have already been registered in the respective categories.

Many domain names are already taken and this is changing the market – also for registrars.

Registrars: protagonists of the Internet

Changes in the domain industry are not only noticeable for domainers, companies and end users. Registrars also have to adapt.
Domain registrars are responsible for the registration and administration of domain names on behalf of their customers. In this way, registrars play a key role on the Internet.
A registry, on the other hand, manages one or more top-level domains. Through the registrars, it assigns domains under the TLDs it manages. For a registrar to to offer domains for registration under a certain TLD, an accreditation with the responsible registry is required. There are 838 different registries in total. In the case of the gTLDs, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the responsible registry. 2,452 registrars from 69 countries across the globe are accredited with ICANN.

What has to change with regard to current developments?

In view of the over 369 million domain names already registered, it is clear that many short, memorable and popular domains are already taken.
This is one reason why the demand for new registrations is no longer very high. And this is why new incentives must be created to encourage purchase decisions. Potential registrants must be presented with optimized search results for their queries. These should consist of sensible alternatives to the search query, such as the queried keyword with a matching new gTLD if the .com address has already been assigned.

Trending secondary domain markets

Secondary domain markets are becoming increasingly important for the domain industry, since popular and short domains have already been registered under many TLDs and the acquisition of these is shifting to precisely these markets.
Registered domain names are offered for resale on secondary domain markets. The advantage of using a provider like Sedo for such trade deals is that buyers and sellers receive support throughout the process, specifically with regard to monetization and broker service. You can find out more about these and other developments in the Global Domain Report.

When reselling domain names, it is particularly important to create transparency for the buyer, showing them how the price comes about. Of course, not only monetary factors are involved in determining the price, but they should be made visible. The Domain Price Check can help to evaluate these factors: What is there to know about the keyword being queried? What are the trends around it? And what is the monthly search volume? What do the website statistics say about the domain? What similar domain sales have there been in the past?
This simplifies the sale of already registered domains for sellers and buyers and helps to determine a fair price for both sides.

Curious? Download the Global Domain Report now!

We have collected, evaluated and used the latest registration and sales data and facts in the Global Domain Report. You can download your report by clicking the button below.

Download the Global Domain Report