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The end of the alphabet and the start of something big: .xyz

The domain extension .xyz is a sensible choice in many regards, offering a range of benefits. As with many of the most popular generic domain extensions, it consists of three letters. The alphabet ends with xyz and domains under .xyz can be used for any purpose, from a to z. Plus, it can currently also be registered at a great price.

X, Y and Z combine three generations for which computers and the internet have been and remain a central component of daily life into one domain extension. This is why .xyz is especially well-loved amongst developers and designers. It has established itself as one of the most popular extensions around the world and is used in over 230 countries – not least because it is understood globally.

A look back at the history of .xyz

The domain extension .xyz was included in the planning for ICANN’s new gTLD program in 2013 and has been available for registration since 2014. The remarkable success story of .xyz already began at its very beginning, as the new gTLD was registered over 750,000 times within the first six months alone.

However, the big breakthrough for .xyz came in 2015, when the parent group of the search engine giant, Google Alphabet Inc., started using the domain extension. In a press release, the Google co-founder Larry Page announced that the company would be using the domain extension .xyz (as Ever since, the website of the Google registry has found its internet home at This is a perfect example of how a new gTLD can be instrumentalized to build a brand and it gave .xyz an enormous boost. By the end of the year, over 1.5 million domains under .xyz had been registered.

After notching up over 6,5 million domains, .xyz counted as the most frequently registered gTLD worldwide after .com, .net and .org at the beginning of  2016. Compared to .com, however, .xyz holds the advantage that many domains are still available for registration. And this is not the only advantage that .xyz has in store.

The advantages of .xyz domains

Many of the new gTLDs have a regional connection or are restricted to specific sectors, for example .cologne or .car. Not so with .xyz. This international and intergenerational domain extension is well-suited to companies and freelancers, event pages, online shops or blogs – and for any conceivable theme or field. And, compared to other new gTLDs like .digital or .photography, .xyz is short and catchy and can easily hold its own against conventional generic extensions like .com or .net. 

There are no registration restrictions for .xyz domains: domains under .xyz can be registered by anyone anywhere and for any project, regardless of whether for a private individual, small business or large corporate enterprise. It may be at the end of the alphabet, but it’s at the start of a big success story.

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