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The InterNetX Blog provides you with news and background information on innovations concerning domains, servers, SSL and other industry-related topics.

The new AutoDNS: The management software becomes the domain platform

AutoDNS has been on the market since 1999 and is now used to manage 3.8 million domains. Ever since the foundation of InterNetX, the domain management software has shaped the history of the company. The new domain platform AutoDNS is bound to set a new standard in the domain industry and was recently released as a beta version.

Over the past 20 years, our customer structure has continued to evolve. Today, InterNetX is serving more than 25,000 customers around the globe. In addition to domainers from the first hour long-standing reseller partners, those include big brands such as Jimdo, FlixBus, GMX and renowned agencies, trademark lawyers and registrars. With the heterogeneous customer structure, the demands and requirements of AutoDNS have changed as well. The growing demand for a one-stop-shop for domain services has led the InterNetX team to rethink domain management and redefine the domain standard.


Brand new: domain management on one platform

The new AutoDNS is all about these three words: search, register and analyze. With 39.1 million listed domains – consisting of 20.2 million premium and 18.9 million marketplace domains – the platform AutoDNS offers the widest selection on the market. In order to register these premium domains or to buy the marketplace domains, there is no need to use an external provider:

Through AutoDNS, all of these domains are available in the newly developed and integrated Domain Studio. Domain Studio is a smart domain search that suggests appropriate keyword alternatives taking geo-criteria into account. As a result, users only receive available search results and can choose from over 1,000 TLDs. 

The AutoDNS platform informs users about global domain industry news and directly delivers the latest domain trends.

If there is a big trend coming up, as was the case with cryptocurrency or blockchain in the past year, this can be determined by extensive data analysis. Anonymized data enriched with valuable information and numbers help us provide our customers with a sound information basis for their trading decisions.


Is AutoDNS the right choice for you?

AutoDNS is a highly flexible, extremely fast, customizable platform for business professionals. For them, trading and managing domains is an important part of their job.

AutoDNS – The Domain Platform

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The day-to-day business includes: registering, searching, buying, selling, parking, renewing, protecting, editing, securing, hosting, redirecting, connecting, rating and reselling domains - and probably much more. Domains, companies, agencies, hosters, resellers, trademark and IP attorneys: The new domain platform provides the best service for each of these professions. Surely they can use all the support they need to reduce their workload.


Domain Price Check: Determine the value of your domain

With the Domain Price Check built into the Domain Studio, users can easily determine the price of the domains they already own or those they want to buy. Based on the evaluation of over 2,500,000 domain sales and modern machine learning, the Domain Price Check can calculate the value based on AI. In addition, the Domain Price Check provides a detailed report on the queried domain, which is based on numerous data and algorithms.

Through our API, customers can easily integrate the Domain Price Check into their project or website to rate domains and increase renewal rates.


AutoDNS goes Kubernetes

InterNetX is not only an experienced domain registrar, but also an accomplished cloud & server specialist. Therefore, we decided to operate the domain platform AutoDNS with Kubernetes and use the latest container technology. This ensures that the domain platform is highly available, making it one of the most reliable domain business solutions on the market. Thanks to Kubernetes, AutoDNS can be updated at any time without downtime, and newly developed services can be published in particularly short release cycles.

Test and experience the new AutoDNS beta now

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