Server Solutions

Server requirements can vary greatly depending on the nature of a project. InterNetX offers you customized server solutions to meet your individual needs.

HA Cluster

High availability clusters increase the availability and failure safety of a server system. In the case of a critical server performance, all running services are activated on another server.


A content delivery network (CDN) enables the decentralized distribution of large amounts of data. The load is optimally distributed, making it a fast and very cost-effective solution.


Virtualisation enables you to optimally utilize existing hardware resources. Physical server space is divided cost-savingly, while remaining highly secure at the same time.

Load balancing

The load balancing procedure ensures optimal load distribution with one or more redundant web servers and a dedicated database server – perfect for high-traffic sites.

Case Studies

Customer requirements 

Handle increasing access rates on a system with two servers, improvement of failure safety.

Implementation by InterNetX

Due to growing access rates, the original configuration setup of two servers was expanded to a load balanced solution. An independent development by the customer was utilized as CMS.

In close cooperation with the customer, the InterNetX software setup in particular was adapted for economical resource utilization, high availability and scalability. The proven, redundant load balancers formed the basis of the setup, sharing out all incoming requests to the backends. Potential failures are recognized and intercepted by the load balancers. In such cases, the system is taken out of the active distribution.

Alternative web server

In order to optimally handle high increases in traffic, InterNetX optimized a high-load web server, ideally suited to high-traffic sites, and utilized it in connection with PHP. To increase the read rate of database requests, InterNetX also set up a local replication.

Redundant structure

All services - web server, MySQL, storage and load balancers - are structured redundantly and provide maximum security against failure.

Advantages for our customers

Redundant load distribution and centralized provisioning of database and content permits transparent and easily scalable expansion of the setups, which can be maintained in the future. By consistently optimizing software and dispensing with resource-intensive services, the hardware can be utilized optimally - a future-oriented solution for high availability.

Customer requirements 

An easily scalable and efficient platform with high availability for the distribution of advertising materials on several portals - high demand for setup stability with regard to availability and performance.

Implementation by InterNetX

Working together intensively with the client, a matching concept for the hardware and software setup was drawn up. Through timely coordination with the developers of the application, this could be customized to meet the requirements for content exactly.

Transparent setup with autarchic systems

To create an efficient platform for the distribution of advertising materials, a scalable and highly available solution had to be developed. For even load distribution, InterNetX implemented its tried-and-tested load balancer solution in connection with single systems, thereby keeping the setup as transparent as possible. The advantage of this construct is that each system is autarchic. Should disturbances arise on one system, the distribution is not affected. There is no single point of failure that can lead to a system disruption. The result of this approach is that the entire structure is easier to scale and can be expanded without restrictions.

High-load web server optimized by InterNetX

Based on extensive experience, InterNetX developed a web server, that is especially laid out for high-load scenarios. This supports an optimal workload for the utilized hardware.

Advantages for our customers

Thanks to this structure, the setup can easily be scaled. Almost borderless expansion of the setup can be carried out by simply allocating further systems. Over and above this, InterNetX provides administrative work as a service to the customer. The customer therefore only needs to take care of the content. InterNetX guarantees the highest possible system availability and security with this managed solution.

Customer requirements 

Data should be stored on a load-balanced and redundant server, while the data pool should be identical on all servers.

Implementation by InterNetX

InterNetX provided the customer with redundant shared managed load balancers and several servers for the distribution and storage of data. The load balancers check the availability and integrity of the distributing services, share out the requests and remove the relevant server in case of any disruptions.

Cluster file system for maintaining the same data pool

The data is deposited on the storage and then integrated onto one of the delivering systems through a cluster file system. The cluster file system takes over the administration of read and write access, so that the same data pool is maintained on all systems. Any changes to single files are also immediately transmitted to all locations.

Unproblematic scaling of server resources

Resources can easily be expanded by integrating additional storage shelves.

Advantages for our customers

As the setup configuration conforms to the requirements, the integrity of data is ensured. The customer can rely on the consistent maintenance of data, as this is automatically carried out by the system.

With this solution, the customer project can also grow without any problems. Even when there are increases on the system requirements, an optimal result is always achieved.

Customer requirements

Field staff need to access an application server through an encrypted VPN connection.

Implementation by InterNetX

InterNetX offered customers two options. Depending on the situation, either the VPN add-on is configured onto the shared managed load balancers, or the customer is given a standalone server. With the latter option, additional services can also be implemented.

Every external field employee can be allocated their own key, which can be used to access the application servers via an encrypted connection.

Advantages for our customers

Field staff can now use a VPN connection through insecure, public hot spots (e.g. in a hotel). The danger of third parties tapping into sensitive data has been eliminated.

Customer requirements

Managing varying amounts of simultaneous user requests in a web forum (2,000 requests on average / up to 4,000 requests at peak times). 

Implementation by InterNetX

In order to handle the huge amount of user requests quickly and smoothly, InterNetX created an effective, load-balanced platform. For this, a shared managed load balancer was implemented as frontend. This hardware is administered completely by InterNetX and operated as a managed service.

Two optimized InterNetX high-load web servers function as backend, drawing their data from a centralized storage (iSCSI) - forming the basis for trouble-free processing.

More failure security

The MySQL database is provisioned redundantly on two dedicated systems. This adds to increased failure security.

Utilizing an optimized web server

To utilize the hardware most efficiently, an optimized high-load web server was used by InterNetX. This web server is specifically designed for speed and can respond to several hundred enquiries per second. In addition, InterNetX adapted the PHP, as well as the MySQL configuration to fit the requirements of the forum software in use and then added optimizations, e.g. efficient caching strategies.

Advantages for our customers

Due to the load balanced solution with centralized storage, the server system is equipped to meet growing demand without any problems. Services that take up a lot of space, were done away with and the software optimized consistently. The result is that the forum software used by the customer can be used effectively and requests can be handled smoothly, even during peak times.

Customer requirements

Consolidation of hardware for optimal workload, highest possible failure security, low administrative effort and cost-effectiveness.

Implementation by InterNetX

As the foundation for these requirements, InterNetX set up an iSCSI-based centralized storage solution, on which virtual servers were provisioned.

In order to reach an optimal and cost-effective system workload, the server landscape was mapped out to the existing physical servers, in alignment with the resource requirements. A redundant network connection, for the host system as well as the storages, guarantees high failure safety.

Advantages for our customers

The customer requirements were implemented ideally with this complete virtualization solution: the hardware needed was reduced by 40 %, while failure safety was increased and the administration of the server landscape was significantly simplified, leading to lower costs in total. Another advantage: The system is easily scalable at any time.

Customer requirements

A high-performance firewall solution should be implemented for reliable protection of the server infrastructure.

Implementation by InterNetX

InterNetX offers two solutions for this, which can be implemented quickly, depending on the technical and business requirements.

Shared managed load balancer (Firewall add-on)

The first option is to configure a firewall add-on to the shared managed load balancers. This cost-effective solution offers several beneficial extra features, like redundance, SSL wrapping, reverse proxy, etc.

Managed Load Balancer

The second option involves placing a standalone server at the customer's disposal. The advantage in this case, is that additional individual services can also be set up.

InterNetX uses firewall appliances from renowned suppliers. However, the firewalls can also be configured individually according to customer requirements.

Advantages for our customers

These firewall solutions give the customer the possibility to restrict access to the systems or to additionally create a demilitarized zone (DMZ). In doing so, the possibilities of external access are targeted and restricted. This makes it more difficult for potential attacks and protects the data from unauthorized access by third parties.

Additional Features

Secure your server systems with extensive backup solutions. Let us advise you which backup method - via FTP or rsync - best suits you.

We've got the firewall solution in store for you. Be it an individual firewall solution specifically configured to your needs, or a firewall appliance of a well known manufacturer. We will keep your entire network safe from attacks.

This new technology gets your company into shape for the future. InterNetX has already implemented and used IPv6 for several years and is available natively via all carriers per IPv6.

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Through long-standing experience and cooperation with established hardware suppliers, InterNetX always remains at the forefront with regards to performance and speed.

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