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Multiple Protection with GeoTrust

Several domains under one SSL umbrella

The GeoTrust True BusinessID certificates allow you to consolidate several certificates under one SSL certificate. Condition: All domains running under the certificate must be registered to the same domain owner. That makes it much easier to manage the certificates, simplifies the administration of validity periods and saves
a considerable amount of time.

Up to 25 different domains possible

Additionally to the basic version of the GeoTrust True BusinessID certificate you can optionally book a SAN Package. This allows you to extend the protection of True BusinessID certificates to up to 24 additional domains. The SAN Package covers four additonal domains. Each further domain after this is added separately as an "Additional Domain Name".

Variable domain formats

Additionally, the True BusinessID certificates enable different domain
formats to be combined. It is therefore possible to include subdomains
with differing domain names or with only differing domain extensions
under the fully qualified main domain. Servers, intranets or .local names,
as well as private IP addresses (according to RFC 1597) can also be

SSL certificates from GeoTrust

True BusinessID Wildcard True BusinessID with EV True BusinessID
Minimum Encryption 40 Bit 40 Bit 40 Bit
Maximum Encryption 256 Bit 256 Bit 256 Bit
Compatibility 99,80 % 99 % 99 %
Validation Telephone Telephone Telephone
Free Site Seal yes yes yes
Free Re-Issue yes yes yes
Applicant visible in certificate yes yes yes
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