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Verified Mark Certificates allow you to display brand logos on DMARC verified emails while meeting all security standards.

Use Cases


Order confirmations, newsletters, surveys... VMCs show immediatly buyers and customers who the sender is.

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Banking & fintech

Scam and phishing have increased dramatically and is often undetectable. Stay ahead of scammers with VMC.

Fashion & retail
Fashion & retail

VMC strengthens trust in your brand with visual communication of your logo and boosts the opening rates.

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Logistics & shipping

Phishing emails often use fake shipping information. Protect and strengthen your reputation with VMC.

More awareness. More trust. With VMCs.

Increase opening rate
Higher performance

Increase opening rates by up to 10%

Customer Security
Safety first

Demonstrate commitment to secure data transfer.

Build trust

Raise trust in your mailings.

Brand Experience
Brand experience

Build a consistent brand experience.

Customer Engagement
Customer engagement

Activate and engage your customer.

Real. Authentic. Verified.

Verification is increasingly becoming a standard in our commercial world. This assurance is often delivered in visual form – blue checkmarks on accounts, trust elements in browser bars or trust seals on websites. Verified Mark Certificates gives email a means to visually indicate verification. The customer immediately recognizes the email as authentic.

It’s time to put your mark on email marketing.

Use this handy display wizard to see how your logo will render.

To qualify for a VMC, you must be the owner of a registered trademark logo. Before you can display your logo in emails, DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) standards must be enforced correctly for your email communication.

DMARC helps to reduce attacks like phishing and spoofing by giving your organization more control over how your email system is used. Once DMARC enforcement has been implemented, you can upload your trademarked and validated logo for display in email client inboxes.

If you have more than one logo, you can decide which logo renders for respective communication flows.

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DMARC benefits for IT.

Demonstrates security

DMARC compliance shows the highest level of email security.

Prevent phishing & spoofing
Increased protection

Effectively protects against phishing & spoofing.

Surveillance email traffic
Email traffic monitored

Checks the email traffic over your domain.

Overview attacks
Effective monitoring

Monitor the attacks to your email domain.

Secure & reliable delivery
Secure & reliable mailings

Ensures secure and reliable delivery of email.


With VMCs, branding starts in the inbox.

Watch the product video to learn how a Verified Mark certificate from DigiCert can help you build user trust, increase your brand visibility and awareness, and create a better customer experience.

Your open rates will also increase significantly.

What preparations need to be carried out in advance? The VMC process.

Supporting documents.

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You need a VMC?

With VMC certificates, you can ensure a positive brand presence on email channels and increase opening rates.

In addition to VMC certificates, InterNetX offers a wide range of other brand protection services.

Our brand management experts will be happy to advise you and create an individual offer for your brand.

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Verified Mark Certificates from DigiCert require a high level of implementation support and consultation. In order to provide you with the best possible advice and support from our partner managers, prices are only available on request. 

With the Multi-year Plan, you can - aside from 12 months - also book multi-year validity periods (up to 3 years). The advantage: The total price for Multi-year Plan certificates is much lower, depending on the selected validity period. 

VMCs are currently supported by various providers (Gmail, yahoo!, Netscape, Gmail Android, iphone app and more) or they are in the process of integrating and supporting them. BIMI shows in an infographic all providers that currently already support VMCs.
It is important to note that Gmail owns the most users, with over 1.8 billion active users. Additionally, 75% of Gmail users access their email via their mobile device.

The time and effort to get DMARC enforced varies for each business. For some, it may have already been set up by your hosting provider. For other businesses, with just a single sending domain, it could be simple – just add the sending domains to SPF, set up DKIM, create a DMARC record and enforce it.

In the case of larger companies with many internal email sending solutions, identifying and building allow-list servers to put into SPF record can require a lot of effort. Some large institutions employ DMARC specialists for DMARC at enforcement and analysis or management of DNS.

Yes, for a DigiCert VMC, DMARC is always required.

You can utilize a number of online tools to check your record. Here are three options:

When you purchased your VMC, you submitted a SVG file, and received a PEM file in return. Both files, retaining their original names, need to be placed on a publicly accessible server, and they need to be accessible via https: (note: http will result in error). Please note: the SVG that is hosted and referenced in your BIMI record must match, to the byte, the SVG file that was validated and is referenced in your PEM file. If there is a mismatch, the BIMI functionality will be inhibited.

Bulk, transactional or individual emails will all display a VMC logo the same way. In general, most organizations will need a single VMC for their domain. If you require multiple logos, you will need a VMC for each logo. To have multiple logos associated with a domain, you will also need to set up a “Selector” in your email header.

You can learn more about this topic here:

There are a number of free and paid online tools to convert your logo into SVG Tiny PS format necessary for VMC certificates.

In addition, you can convert your logo to an SVG format using Adobe programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop. It is important that your logo is in a vector format.

Yes! Gmail, which displays VMCs, is used by over 5 million businesses worldwide including small startups, mid-sized companies and large enterprises like Verizon, Colgate-Palmolive, and Keller Williams. (Source: Google Cloud, 2019)

With the Multi-year Plan, longer validity periods can be selected for VMC certificates. Please note that, after the maximum term of 397 days, a revalidation and reissue is mandatory for further extension in order to meet all security guidelines as set out by the CA/B forum.

VMCs do not act like a typical TLS certificate. They do not encrypt traffic, use a private key or require a CSR to order. VMCs create a cryptographically verifiable and auditable connection between an identity, a logo and a domain. This ensures that the identified organization is operating on a domain that they own when sending emails to end-users.

All sending domains need to be listed, but subdomains do not as they will be covered by the base domain.

For example, if you have 3 sending domains like, and, you only need to list in your request. You are free to list each subdomain if you like, but it is not necessary—and if you do list them, there will be a charge.

But if you are also sending from, then that should be listed because it’s a different domain.

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