The AutoDNS Chrome Extension delivers all relevant domain data of visited websites in just one click. Get value estimates, alternative domain suggestions, Majestic Million ranks and more.

Core features.

  • icon euro Domain value estimation
  • icon venn diagramm Similar domains
  • icon badge Majestic Million rank
  • icon search Number of monthly searches for SLD
  • icon eye WHOIS data
  • icon encryption TLS/SSL data

Value. Majestic. Queries.

By using AI, the AutoDNS Chrome Extension is able to provide a domain value estimate of the visited website. In order to do this, similar domain sales sourced from various databases are compared and evaluated. The extension also shows the Global Majestic Rank of the domain as well as the volume of monthly searches for the second-level domain. You gain access to all relevant data at a glance. 

Discover & use the potential.

With just one click, you can view domain alternatives for the website that are still available for registration. Thanks to data from the InterNetX Domain Studio, the AutoDNS Chrome Extension shows similar domains directly in the browser and also provides geo matches by using location-based IP address recognition. This helps you to discover and leverage any investment potential.  

WHOIS? Insights with one click.

Get more information about the websites you visit. After installing it in Google Chrome, the AutoDNS extension allows you to carry out WHOIS checks easily and quickly, enabling you to take a look behind the scenes when it comes to domains and DNS. You gain access to data about the WHOIS servers used and information about the registrar responsible for the relevant domain. All displayed information conforms to the latest data protection regulations.

Safety first. Keeping an eye on TLS/SSL.

The AutoDNS Chrome Extension gives users central data about the validity of the TLS/SSL certificates used on the websites. It displays the certificate authority (CA) that issued the certificate and when the certificate has to be renewed. This helps website owners to keep an eye on their certificate expiry dates by carrying out a quick check without having to log into admin panels. 

For everyone who loves domains.

icon agencies
Agencies & SEOs

You can use the AutoDNS Chrome Extension to quickly analyze domains with regard to SEO. This gives you the opportunity to point out additional domain options when consulting your customers and provide targeted and efficient advice.

icon domainers mit einer weltkugel und einer person
Domain investors & managers

With the AutoDNS Chrome Extension, you can keep an eye on your brand and product websites as well as those of your competitors. Domain investors can find domains with great potential more quickly and register them directly. 

Analyze domains directly in your browser.

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