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Thawte SSL123 is a domain validation TLS/SSL certificate that can be issued quickly thanks to simple verification by email. The Thawte SSL Web Server is an organization validation certificate that clearly and unambiguously confirms the identity of a website operator. This certificate is also available with extended validation, providing an additional highly visible security indicator.

Yes, with the exception of the EV version, our Thawte TLS/SSL certificates can be ordered as wildcard options.

With the Wildcard TLS/SSL certificate, you can secure an unlimited number of subdomains of a domain with just one certificate. If, for example, you are the operator of, the subdomains, and can be secured by using the TLS/SSL wildcard certificate. This means less admin, saving you both time and money.

  • Domain validation (DV) is the simplest type of SSL certification. This certificate variant provides confirmation that the domain has been registered and the certificate request has been approved by a person with administrative authority.
  • Organization validation (OV) meets more validation requirements than domain validation. It authenticates the domain ownership as well as the company information (name, city and country) contained in the certificate.
  • Extended validation (EV) represents the highest authentication standard. The validation criteria are defined by the CA/Browser Forum and reviewed annually by KPMG. EV triggers the green address bar in the web browser and displays the company name and certification authority.

Thawte TLS/SSL certificates are used to verify identity and encrypt sensitive website data. For this reason, they must be validated before the certificate authority can issue them. After placing an order, the CA validation teams at Thawte work as quickly as possible to confirm your identity in order to issue your certificate.

The lifecycle works like this:

  1. Create and submit your request (CSR)
  2. Complete identity validation
  3. Install your certificate
  4. Check your installation
  5. Set up management control in order to revoke, reissue, etc.
  6. Renew the certificate before expiry

Your TLS/SSL certificate is issued as soon as the relevant validation process has been fully completed. The amount of validation required varies depending on the level of certificate you purchased.

Yes. The Multi-Year Plan Is available for Thawte certificates with organization and extended validation.

With a Multi-year Plan, Thawte TLS/SSL certificates can be purchased with a validity period of up to 36 months at the same price conditions. The respective certificate is always valid for 397 days. Depending on the purchased validity period – 24 or 36 months – a free reissue must be carried out and the newly-generated TLS/SSL certificate must be exchanged on the server before the validity period of 397 days expires. This can be done at the earliest 90 days before and at the latest one day before the end of the respective 397-day period.

The Thawte Secured Seal (powered by DigiCert) is used for Thawte certificates.

Yes, it does. A CSR (certificate signing request) is an encrypted file that enables you to transmit your public key and other identifying information about your company and the domain name to Thawte. It is also called the CSR key.

The CSR is generated on the server on which it will later be installed. All data required by Thawte to issue the certificate must be entered for this. The following information is required when creating the CSR:

  • Common name (e.g.
  • Name and location of the company (country, state/province, city)
  • Key type (usually RSA)
  • Key length (minimum 2048 Bit)

Please do not enter a password when creating the CSR. A CSR with password cannot be processed and therefore cannot be used for an order.

Please keep the CSR key at hand when buying Thawte certificates in AutoDNS.

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