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Market leader for TLS/SSL certificates
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Manage all Sectigo certificates efficiently. With AutoDNS.

AutoDNS users can manage their Sectigo products easily and efficiently with AutoDNS. Our platform provides access to one of the largest encryption portfolios on the market. SSL resellers can purchase all certificates via API and even implement their own CA accreditation.

  • One platform for all certificates from Sectigo
  • Automatic CSR generation
  • Price advantages with multi-year plan certificates 
  • API for easy implementation
  • Wildcard certificates and SAN packages

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Become a partner. With our SSL reseller program.

You regularly buy encryption products for your customers? Then you can benefit from our SSL reseller program! You get access to all leading brands (including Sectigo), excellent B2B conditions and white-label SSL management with API access. Speak to one of our Partner Managers today!

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For certificates with domain validation (DV)

  • Verification of domain ownership

For certificates with organization validation (OV)

  • Domain validation (as above)
  • Organization registration and standing
  • Address and phone validation
  • Blocklist and embargo search
  • Malware review

For certificates with extended validation (EV)

  • Domain and organization validation (as above)
  • Organization name, type, registration number & jurisdiction, status
  • Operational history
  • Registered agent (if applicable)
  • Organization fraud check
  • Domain fraud check
  • Contact blocklist check
  • Confirmation of EV contact info, job title and employment via phone call
  • EV subscriber agreement

Yes, you can purchase a subscription of up to 5 years for Sectigo TLS/SSL certificates (Subscription SSL) in our Multi-year Plan.

Yes. SANs can be ordered with Sectigo TLS/SSL certificates – whether DV, OV or EV, allowing you to secure up to 250 domains in the standard certificate.

Please note: Wildcard SANs are not available for EV certificates.

Yes, a selection of Sectigo’s sub-brands InstantSSL, PositiveSSL and EssentialSSL are available, facilitating the purchase of cost-effective TLS/SSL certificates. 

The following options are available.

  • EssentialSSL 
    TLS/SSL certificates with DV 
    including options for multi-domain and and wildcards
  • PositiveSSL and InstantSSL
    TLS/SSL certificates with DV, OV and EV
    including options for multi-domains 
    Wildcards are only available for DV and OV certificates

Please see our Solution Finder for an overview of available options.

Sectigo S/MIME certificates allow you to digitally sign and encrypt your email communication, ensuring security, confidentiality and email integrity. Choosing the best certificate depends on your intended use.

  • Sectigo Personal S/MIME is recommended for personal use. It only validates the email address.  
  • Sectigo Pro S/MIME is recommended for individuals or small businesses. It validates the name, email address and organization.
  • Sectigo Enterprise S/MIME is recommended for medium to large-sized businesses. It includes extended validation of the organization. It validates the name, email address, organization and phone number.

Code signing certificates allow software publishers to digitally sign their code and applications (executables, scripts and programs), providing affirmation that the software has not been tampered with by any external parties. Sectigo code signing includes timestamp functionality so the signature remains valid even after the certificate has expired

Did you know? Many operating systems show users a warning message if the software they are downloading or installing does not have an encrypted digital signature that is verified by a trusted certificate authority (CA) like Sectigo.


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