With the upgrade to AutoDNS Pro. you establish professional domain management in your business. Benefit from our powerful user management and white-label features.

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One upgrade. More efficiency. Countless advantages.

  • Price Management
  • Own URL & your corporate design
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Multi-user management
  • White labelling of emails and system notifications

Pro features make all the difference.

White-label features

Icon URL

Personalization, branding and security starts at the first customer touchpoint, namely the URL. Define your individual login link in AutoDNS Pro, automatically secured with a TLS/SSL certificate.

Icon door with arrow for login
Login screen

Use your own corporate design for your login screen. The login data is transmitted in encrypted form, boosting customer trust and strengthening your brand.

Icon Dashboard

The entire AutoDNS Pro interface can be adjusted flexibly to suit your corporate design. Simply drag your logo into the interface and AutoDNS does the rest for you.

Icon mit zwei Personen, die Händchen halten
Legal notices

Every business has its own requirements. For this reason, you can easily specify your own legal notifications for your customers to access via the interface in AutoDNS Pro.

Management & upselling

Icon mit x/y-Graphen-Verlauf
Statistics & reporting

The analysis dashboard gives you insights into your business, so you can stay in control and intervene when necessary. You also receive a monthly report, allowing you to keep an eye on the most important numbers.

Icon User
User management

Enjoy full control. You can effortlessly set up an unlimited number of subusers. In addition, you can allocate the individual access and area rights for each subuser in detail.

Individual configurations

Whether dashboard, shopping basket or menu, you can configure AutoDNS Pro flexibly according to your preferences and create an excellent user experience. For you and your customers.

Own promotions

Because you know what your customers want. Create your own special offers for your customers in AutoDNS Pro and boost sales for selected products and domains.

Who is AutoDNS Pro designed for?

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SaaS providers
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icon domainer
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Hosters | MSPs
icon corporates
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The AutoDNS versions in comparison.

Compare both versions in this quick check. You can find more details in the feature list.

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€0.00/month 1

autodns loginurl Login (only Standard)

The login URL cannot be branded individually.

autodns standard version

The login screen can not be adapted to the CI.

autodns die domain-plattform

Reporting and detailed user monitoring is not possible.

autodns domainplattform

First-class support, but without user impersonations.

autodns domainplattform supportstandard

Individual prices cannot be displayed or customized for customers.

autodns domain plattform standard


€49.90/month 12

autodns pro custom login url screen Custom login URL

You can use an own and encrypted login URL.

AutoDNS Pro

Design the login area the way you want it. No compromises.

autodns pro login screen

The analysis and access to usage data & reports is possible.

AutoDNS Pro

Professional support interface for trouble-shooting is available.

autodns pro support interface

Individual prices and price lists can be customized for specific customers and products.

autodns pro pricing interface

Compare both AutoDNS versions in detail

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All offers and prices are exclusively directed to business partners and do not include VAT. There is is no minimum contract period. The notice period is four weeks to the end of the month.
The subscription fee of €49.90/month is automatically renewed each month until notice of cancellation is received within the specified cancellation period.

You decide. Products. Prices. And margins.

Price management is a powerful new module in AutoDNS Pro. Resellers can use it to create default and custom price lists and flexibly set markups or discounts on their buying prices. Price lists can also be assigned to specific customers and updated at any time. Maximize your performance with promotions and custom pricing models. Without any technical effort. Price management can be activated with just a simple click.

Activate AutoDNS Pro

With AutoDNS Pro, you can set up a default price list as well as other user-specific price lists for your customers. The default price list is used as the standard and the basis for all products, promotions and customers in the reseller portfolio. You can flexibly apply markups or offer discounts to the prices stored in the default price list. Alternative prices are defined with the help of custom price lists. These can be configured at product level, for a limited time and/or for specific customers to give you maximum flexibility.

Set your own prices

The new price management module offers many features that make it extremely easy to implement a profitable pricing model. You can flexibly assign price lists to multiple customer groups - even in bulk if required. Alerts will be displayed if new prices fall short of your purchase prices and you can also define and store purchase limits per customer to effectively reduce and contain financial risks. Thanks to various configuration and filter options, you will never lose track of your prices. Scale your business efficiently.

Activate price management
Price management AutoDNS Pro
Price management AutoDNS Pro

FlixBus has grown enormously over the last years. In order to meet the needs of customers in so many new countries, we looked around for an SaaS solution for easy and sound domain organization. We found the perfect domain platform for this with AutoDNS.

Co-founder and CIO of FlixBus

Daniel Krauss

From Standard to Pro in just a few steps.

First steps to your white-label domain shop.

The upgrade to AutoDNS Pro opens up numerous further white-label and user management functions. Find out more about the possible configurations of your domain shop and the first steps with AutoDNS Pro. 

Our technology & registry partners.


AutoDNS Pro gives users, domain resellers and domain managers a number of advantages with additional featues and functions that are not available in AutoDNS Standard.

With the upgrade to AutoDNS Pro

  • users gain access to their own configurable control center
  • unlimited sub-user accounts can be created
  • dashboards, the menu and the shopping basket can be configured and subuser settings adjusted individually (user impersonate)
  • you can use your own context and host management
  • it is possible to set up an individualized URL and login screen
  • you can set up your own special offers management and support center
  • you can access reportings and statistics about usage and draw up analyses
  • additional security features like User Invite and 2FA for subusers are available

Over and above this, new features and functions are added to AutoDNS Pro on a continuous basis, allowing efficient management of large domain portfolios efficiently and enabling you to operate your domain domain business professionally. Would you like to receive more information or book a product demo? Or perhaps you'd like to find out more about our Domain Reseller Program? Our Partner Success Team will be happy to assist you. Please book an appointment here.

AutoDNS Pro is the extension of AutoDNS and offers several additional white-label features.

The following features are included with AutoDNS Pro:

  • using the AutoDNS platform under your own URL
  • terms & conditions, data protection guidelines, imprint and help center can be individualized
  • the interface can be adjusted to match your CI
  • create own login area incl. password recovery
  • set up white-label system notifications and email notifications (coming soon)
  • Adjust subuser dashboards
  • configure the subuser menu structure

No. Domain resellers profit from the numerous additional functions with AutoDNS Pro that greatly simplify the reselling of domains and domain services.

However, companies that manage large domain portfolios can also benefit from the powerful additional features in AutoDNS Pro.

An AutoDNS account is required. This can be set up with just a few clicks. In the AutoDNS dashboard, you can activate AutoDNS Pro under the menu item Products & Services with just a click and finalize the order in the shopping basket.

You can find all necessary activation steps in the video. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our Partner Success Manager Team looks forward to answering your questions.

Yes. Customers that are already using AutoDNS and have specified postpayment as their payment method in their AutoDNS account can upgrade to AutoDNS Pro at any time.

The upgrade to AutoDNS Pro is easy to carry out. However, it is essential that the zones are already InterNetX. Depending on the scope of use, selected features and functions might have to be adjusted.

When setting up the login URL, a basic SSL certificate is automatically issued for the new individualized URL. This certificate can be replaced by another after the migration.

Please note: AutoDNS Pro can currently only be used if postpayment is specified as the payment method in your AutoDNS account.

You can create as many subusers as you like with AutoDNS Pro and allocate user rights. This is one of the most significant differences to AutoDNS Standard, for which a maximum of 5 subuser accounts can be created.

If you are a domain reseller and require more accounts for your customers, alongside other white-label features, we recommend upgrading to AutoDNS Pro.

Yes. AutoDNS Pro enables detailed subuser management with specific options for subuser configuration and settings.

Using various widgets, AutoDNS Pro allows detailed insight into the current usage behavior of all users and subusers.

The analysis dashboard makes efficient monitoring possible and delivers data about

  • API status codes
  • Domain Studio requests
  • current domain and certificate portfolio
  • upcoming renews
  • the domain performance
  • status of active and locked domains
  • zones
  • logins
  • booked services and add-ons
  • ins & outs (transfers)

The design of all widgets in the dashboard can also be configured individually. All AutoDNS Pro users also receive an additional monthly report via email with the most important basic statistics and data.

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