Domain resellers from 80+ countries have been using our innovative domain products and services to develop and strengthen their reselling businesses.

Take your domain reselling to new heights.

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Selling power.

Use our individualized price structures and special offers as well as integrated billing & pricing modules to develop and grow your domain business.

TLDs, domain features & services.

Get all the ccTLDs, gTLDs and new gTLDs you could possibly need from our enormous portfolio of 1,050+ TLDs. We offer an extensive range of domain security features and services.

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State-of-the-art solutions.

Use our white-label reseller platform to offer your customers a singular buying experience, the best domain search on the market incl. domain price check functions and much more.

Encyption. Email. Hosting.

You need more options for your business? Extend your product portfolio by offering encyption solutions like TLS/SSL, S/MIME or code signing products. Or become a server reseller.


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Our reselling program puts you in good company.

  • JSON
  • XML
  • EPP
  • SMTP
  • Billing Plug-ins

One API for all tasks. Integrate all the functions you require.

Create the space for innovation in your business and integrate AutoDNS via API.

You can easily integrate diverse domain features & TLS/SSL services into your existing systems via JSON, EPP, XML and SMTP. 

This allows you to expand your offerings, automate processes and save resources. AutoDNS also supports billing systems like WHMCS, CloudBlue, WeFact and HostBill.

Our Partner Managers will be happy to advise you on how to integrate the AutoDNS Robot API.

  • Domain Studio
  • Creates & Transfers
  • DNS- & Zone-Management
  • Bulk features
  • White-Label
  • Domain Price Check

Selling domains is easy. With AutoDNS Pro.

Create. Renew. Transfer. Update. Delete. Restore. AutoDNS provides all domain management functions for any portfolio, along with the best domain search on the market, the domain price check and several domain security add-ons.

AutoDNS Pro enables you to acquire and manage TLS/SSL, S/MIME and code signing certificates from all major CAs and at every validation level for your customers.

AutoDNS Pro is a white-label platform allowing customizable configuration. Add required features as you like: dashboards, logins, shopping carts, user management etc. You can set it up exactly the way you want it.


Based on your business plan, we will offer you the best terms and a reseller plan tailored to your business requirements. Our products and services offer many opportunities to reduce operating costs and to streamline and automate processes. Our domain management system AutoDNS offers multi-client capability and can also be used by your customers, should you wish to avoid costly in-house development. You define user rights associated with different accounts and you can customize the layout and design according to your own preferences and corporate design specifications. Soon a separate price management per reseller or customer account will also be possible. You are also able to create sub-resellers – this enables you to set up your own complete sales structures.

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The IT sector offers many new business opportunities and the demand for domains is steadily increasing worldwide. This opens up a wide range of lucrative opportunities for companies to make a profit by trading domains. In the MSP, web hosting and domain sectors, it is possible to specialize in domain reseller services or to offer domains as part of secondary service packages. It is a competitive market and one that requires investments in the technical infrastructure. With a domain robot like AutoDNS, which has been expanded into a domain platform with comprehensive features, domain portfolios of all sizes can be managed efficiently. As an AutoDNS user, you will be well equipped for all current and future challenges of the domain market.

Our business partners benefit from special rates and our long-standing experience as an ISP and domain provider. This expertise and know-how directly benefits our customers in numerous ways:

  • Individual and attractive special terms
  • Choice of over 1,050+ TLDs
  • Complete process automation
  • White-label domain robot
  • Integration via domain robot API
  • WHMCS plugin (and other billing systems)
  • Domain management system with sub-reseller capability
  • Trustee services
  • TMCH agent services
  • Cross-selling and upselling opportunities

That depends on your business model. The different versions of our domain management platform - AutoDNS Standard, AutoDNS Pro and AutoDNS Registrar - cover a wide range of use cases that are relevant to the market.

For domain resellers we recommend AutoDNS Pro.

Do you have your own registry and/or CA accreditations? Then AutoDNS Registrar is the best version for you, allowing you to implement your own accreditations.

Our Partner Success Managers will be happy to explain and show you all relevant features of the respective versions. Simply book a demo or make a consulting appointment with our domain experts.

As an Internet service provider focused on B2B, we try to offer our business partners a broad product portfolio that is also suitable for reselling and relevant to the market. Almost all top-level domains available worldwide as well as TLS/SSL, S/MIME and code signing certificates can be purchased at attractive reseller conditions via our domain and TLS/SSL platform AutoDNS. And this can also be done via API.

We also offer services and products for hosting resellers. Our product overview gives you a quick summary of the reseller solutions we offer.

Our Partner Success Managers will also be happy to advise you on any questions you may have and further opportunities for cooperation.

Outside of our domain management system AutoDNS, we only display specific promotional prices for domains, as we offer our domain resellers individual pricing models. We want to give our partners and domain resellers the necessary room for scaling and development. Active reseller protection is a top priority for us, i.e. we do not submit an offer to any prospective customers if they already manage their own domains through one of our reseller customers.

All customers and therefore also domain resellers can choose between invoice, credit card and SEPA direct debit (only available in countries participating in the SEPA payment scheme) as payment methods in AutoDNS.

Please note: In the AutoDNS onboarding process, domain resellers can choose between Pre-Pay or Post-Pay as billing options. If Pre-Pay is selected, credit must be added to the account on the shopping cart page or in the user profile before placing the first order. In case of Post-Pay, the account will be activated after the internal credit check has been completed. This process can take up to 48 hours,after which domains and other products can be ordered.

Yes, they can. With the upgrade to AutoDNS Pro, resellers can set and display individual prices for products using the price management module. The module is part of AutoDNS Pro an enables you to define both standard and individual price lists, effectively implementing your own pricing model. The individual price lists can be created for promotional campaigns or in the context of price markups, scheduled and then assigned to individual customers or customer groups. Numerous other functions, such as intelligent rounding or warnings when undercutting purchase prices, make price management a central and effective reselling tool. 

Do you want to benefit from the white-label-features, the Domain Robot API and the brand new price management module to boost your reseller business? Our team will be happy to advise you.   

InterNetX grants domain resellers a form of "customer protection". In the form of a "Gentleman’s Agreement" we promise our customers that we will not attempt to target or poach their customers. Customers will only be accepted at InterNetX and offers will only be made after a written approval (email, screenshot etc.) from our partners. For this reason, we check our system for potential customer protection in the case of inquiries by interested parties.

Yes, there is a domain reseller contract or partner contract. The Domain Reseller Agreement or Partner Agreement pertains specifically to the management and maintenance of domains that have, via the provider, been registered or acquired with the registrar at the respective registry. The agreed domain terms and conditions are due at the time of service provision (e.g. registration/transfer start/beginning of the following year). The agreed prices shall apply in accordance with the enclosed appendix or the respective valid price list provided. By creating an AutoDNS account, users agree to and accept the GTCs. There you will also find BVB (Special Contractual Conditions) for our individual divisions.

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