Reseller Cloud

We will provide dedicated hardware resources for your business. You can individually create instances for your customers through a one-click UI and customize them with different performance features!

Dedicated power, maximum flexibility
New: NVMe for even better performance!

Thanks to the new NVMe tchnology, the reading and writing operations in connection to classic hard discs are carried out almost in full SSD speed. The cache is fully automatically managed. NVMe is the new Bare Metal server standard at InterNetX – the price remains the same!

RC 1 – NVMe

Storage:1 TB
Traffic:flat rate
Bandwidth:2x 1 Gbit/s
Setup fee:
199,- 1 
only 299,00 €1 / month

RC 2 – NVMe

RAM:128 GB
Storage:2 TB
Traffic:flat rate
Bandwidth:2x 1 Gbit/s
Setup fee:
199,- 1 
only 399,00 €1 / month

RC 3 – NVMe

RAM:256 GB
Storage:4 TB
Traffic:flat rate
Bandwidth:2x 1 Gbit/s
Setup fee:
199,- 1 
only 499,00 €1 / month

RC 4 – NVMe

RAM:512 GB
Storage:8 TB
Traffic:flat rate
Bandwidth:2x 1 Gbit/s
Setup fee:
199,- 1 
only 799,00 €1 / month

Full SSD:

PERFORMANCE BOOST: Do you need even more speed? All Reseller Cloud products are also available as Full SSD variants.




The InterNetX Reseller Cloud is the ideal solution for all those who want to offer custom cloud products: hosters, freelancers, agencies, administrators.

The user receives dedicated hardware resources. Individual instances can be created and different features can be added through a one-click user interface.

All instances can be managed easily via user-friendly control panels. Reseller Cloud users benefit from the extensive InterNetX services, including features such as up/downsizing, monitoring, statistic tools and much more.

Hosted in Germany: The ISO certified InterNetX Tier 3 data center in Munich fulfills all requirements of a secure IT environment.

Intuitive Reseller Cloud Management

Individual Resources

  • You can easily assign individually defined resources to new instances (virtual machines on your Reseller Cloud). They will be available within seconds. In addition, you can adjust the resources of the instances at any time.

Integrated firewall

  • Create and manage firewall and port forwarding rules via the InterNetX Server Administration Center (ISAC).

Control Panel (Plesk / LiveConfig®)

  • Plesk Onyx and LiveConfig® are available as control panels to manage instances. Further components, such as WordPress or Joomla, can be provided through the panels as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Connection to AutoDNS

  • Link your ISAC account with AutoDNS and carry out zone adjustments directly in ISAC. You can place your PTR in realtime yourself, also without a connection to AutoDNS.

Instances can be equipped with different performance characteristics until the resources of a package have been used up. It only takes three steps to create your cloud product:

  1. Choose the Reseller Cloud basic configuration.

  2. Define the individual performance characteristics based on vCPU, HDD and RAM.

  3. The instances are created within seconds and can be easily managed through the InterNetX Server Administration Center.

    Use the option Up/Downsizing to individually manage resources (vCPU, RAM) of an instance during operation. You can also upsize (but not downsize) HDD resources.

    The InterNetX Reseller Cloud supports IPv4 and IPv6.

    Different monitoring options can be implemented for created instances.

    • Monitoring: This option monitors the basic functionality of the system. In order to do so, the reachability of the IP (Ping) and the basic services SSH and HTTP is tested. In case of critical values there will be an email notification.
    • Monitoring Professional: This variant monitors all important server components and server services. This will make sure that possible disturbances are detected ahead of time, allowing for a flexible reaction to critical values.

    Create a host backup for all instances or snapshots for individual instances to create data backups.

    Order and manage licenses for the selected control panel online through License Management. The Reseller Cloud currently supports the two most common Admin Control Panels:

    • Plesk Onyx: Web Pro, Web Host
    • Live Config: Basic, Standard, Business

    See the workload of the selected vCPU, HDD and RAM resources at a glance. You can also retrieve graphical statistics of your traffic load.

    Use the ISAC App to manage your cloud products comfortalby while on the go.

    • The ISAC web interfac and all other software components like the API etc. are secured by high quality SSL certificates.
    • InterNetX is a Platinum Partner of Symantec, the leading provider of SSL certificates.
    • The InterNetX first-class data center in Munich meets all requirements of a modern high-security data center.
    • A multiple redundant connection with a total bandwidth of more than 50 Gbit/s fulfills all performance requirements.
    • The energy-efficient cold aisle containment saves up to 30% on electricity costs compared to conventional solutions.
    • The electricity for the infrastructure components in the InterNetX Tier 3 data center is supplied 100% through hydropower.
    • The InterNetX data center is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.

    Your advantages at InterNetX

    Data Center

    TIER 3 Data Center

    Our data center in Munich has been running inteference-free for more than six years, offering 100% availability. Find out more!

    Branded hardware

    We only use hardware from established partners such as Dell, Parallels, Intel, Citrix and many other well-known brands.

    24/7 support

    Our multilingual support will gladly assist you in all your technical inquiries. Additionally, we offer a 24/7 emergency hotline.

    Expert advice

    Our server experts will gladly assist you and develop a customized server solution to meet your specific, individual requirements.

    Free callback service for you!

    Our experts will call you at the chosen time and help you in any questions you may have.

    Request Callback Service

    Did you know?

    InterNetX has been awarded the "Quality / Service" seal for its range of high-quality managed servers, by t3n, the renowned German magazine for digital business.

    Any questions?

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    +49 941 59559-483

    1 The offers apply to a contract term of 36 months. A setup fee of 199,00 € will apply. For a contract term of 24 months the monthly price will increase by 100,00 €.

    2 The offers are valid for a contract term of 36 months. For a contract term of 24 months the monthly price will increase by 100.00 € for RC 1/RC 2 Full SSD resp. by 200.00 € for RC 3/RC 4 Full SSD. A setup fee of 199.90 € will apply.

    All offers and prices are only available to business customers in terms of § 14 BGB and exclude legal VAT.