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Below you will find information, forms and downloads on different top-level domains. Please get in contact with us if you have any further questions.

Informationen about .cn.

For companies.


A) The registrant/domain owner is a company located in China
  • Copy of the Business License/Certificate of Approval (.jpg file not larger than 1 MB)
  • Copy of the Certificate of Organization Code
B)The registrant/domain owner is a private person located outside of China
  • The domain owners Commercial Register Number/ Company Number (.jpg file not larger than 1 MB)
  • Copy of the Commercial Register Extract

For private persons.


C) The registrant / domain owner is a private person (resident in China)
  • Copy of the registrant's/domain owner's Identity Card / Certificate of Residence (.jpg file not larger than 1 MB)
  • Identity Card Number
D) The registrant / domain owner is a private person (outside China)
  • Copy of Identity Card  (.jpg file not larger than 1 MB)
  • Identity Card Number

Please note: The documents must be sent to the registry CNNIC by the registrar – InterNetX – and must not exceed the max. file size of 1 MB per file.

Informationen about .ie.

Ireland counts as one of the most popular holiday destinations, but it's not only tourists who have discovered the "Green Isle". Several international companies have also invested in Ireland in recent years. .ie is the ideal domain extension to strengthen your market presence in Ireland. For the registration of .ie domains however, the registrant must provide evidence of a business operation (e.g. registered business name) in Ireland, or proof of residence on the island.

Why register .ie domains?

  • .ie domains clearly demonstrate a strong relationship between the domain owner and Ireland – perfect to build or strengthen market presences in Ireland.
  • Due to the restricted registration policy, the choice of domain names is greater – ideal for finding the most suitable .ie domains.

Who can register .ie domains?

  • Anyone who resides, operates a business or offers a service in Ireland, can generally apply for .ie domains. However, evidence of this must be provided. The registry IEDR reserves the right to examine evidence closely and, if it deems necessary, to reject an application for .ie domain registration.

What documentation needs to be provided for .ie domain registrations?

  • Copy of registrant's identity document (for private individuals)
  • Registered business name (for organizations in Ireland)
  • Proof of business operations in Ireland

Please note: The proof of trade can be an invoice of the owner with an irish partner or a european trademark.

Why register .ie domains at InterNetX?

  • InterNetX is one of the leading providers of domain related products with more than 1,050+ TLDs and has a long experience as a registrar.
  • The experts at InterNetX Domain Services have detailed knowledge of the .ie policy and are available during extended domain support hours.
  • A .ie domain registration includes free DNS management.
  • You can manage your entire portfolio with InterNetX - saving you time and money.
  • Using InterNetX's domain management software AutoDNS, you can easily register .ie domains with the appropriate credentials. If you have any questions, the experts at InterNetX Domain Services will be happy to answer them by e-mail:

How do I register .ie domains at InterNetX?

You can register .ie domains easily, with the relevant proof, via the InterNetX domain management software AutoDNS.

Please contact our experts in the InterNetX Domain Services Team if you have any questions:

Informationen about .it.

.it: InterNetX offers automated system.

The Italian registry has converted their registration system (now automated via EPP connection) as well as their registrar model. This means that there are some changes which affect all actions for .it domains. Automated InterNetX service As an accredited registrar with EPP connection, InterNetX can process most domain actions automatically, thereby providing time-saving service and simplifying .it domain administration.

Specific changes for domain actions.


Domain registration.
  • IT Entity Type must be stated in the domain contact extension.
  • Depending on the IT Entity Type (person or ORG), a valid tax or personal identification number must be specified.
  • A nameserver must be set up and set to "authoritative answer" in advance.
  • You must be able to verify that you are acting in the name and on behalf of the domain owner. In some cases, the registry may request the corresponding documents.
  • Domain transfers between two registrars can be carried out with an AuthInfo. These transfers are carried out automatically.
  • Domain transfers and change of ownership can be carried out simultaneously.
Update and delete.
  • These can be fully automated at InterNetX. No-Provider (Transit)
  • These are no longer possible for .it. Transfer between maintainer and registrar. This must still be done with forms. If a transfer (maintainer to registrar) is started via AutoDNS or via interface, we will automatically send the necessary documents.

.it documents.

You can download guidelines and regulations as well as relevant forms in Italian and English. Please note that the registry can only accept documents in Italian. A very small percentage of domains is still managed by so-called maintainers.

If you require documents in this regard, please contact our domain support.

Informationen about .pl.

NASK: Shortlist for .pl domains.

The Polish registry NASK offers a unique service, the so called OPTION. This innovative feature is a kind of shortlist which contains desired domain names that are currently registered. As soon as the desired domain becomes available the domain name will be registered automatically for the next domain aspirant.

Information about .travel.

What does .travel stand for?

.travel is an internet extension specifically for the travel and hospitality industry. 

Who is eligible to register a .travel name?

  • Any participant in the travel and tourism industry can own a .travel domain name.
  • The only requirement is that a website with content relevant to the domain name must be up within one year of registrations.

Which branches belong to the travel industry?

  • Airlines
  • Attractions/Theme Parks
  • Bed & Breakfast Houses
  • Bus/Taxi/Limousine Operators
  • Camp Facility Operators
  • Vehicle Rental Companies/Airport Specialty Car Park Companies
  • Computer Reservation/Travel Technology Providers
  • Convention & Visitor’s Bureaus
  • Cruise Lines
  • Ferries
  • Hotels/Resorts/Casinos
  • National Tourism Offices
  • Passenger Rail Lines
  • Restaurants
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agents
  • Travel Media
  • Travel-Consumer and Market Research Organizations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Training Institutes
  • Suppliers of good or services to the eligible industry participants set out in these defined sectors 

Can I register any name I want?

  • Since 21.12.2007 it is possible to register domains with place names and place names which were previously blocked by the "Place Names Program".
  • Also since 21.12.2007, the desired domain names no longer have to be specified during the check. After the check, all freely available .travel domains can be registered.
  • In addition, the restriction that only domains related to the applicant may be registered no longer applies; instead, any company from the travel industry may register any free .travel domain in the future.

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