DDoS Protection

The increasing number of DDoS attacks makes it even more urgent to take precautions and protect your servers. DDos Protection is necessary. Our highly efficient DDoS Mitigation Service can help.

Protection against DDoS attacks

Businesses are increasingly faced with the danger of DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, the scope of these attacks cannot be anticipated. The resulting delays in data delivery or server timeouts can result in immense damage to the company’s image and significant revenue losses.  
Companies can protect themselves and take preventative action. The InterNetX DDoS Mitigation Service helps to weaken DDoS attacks and disruptions in advance and defuses them, ideally ensuring the continued operation of affected services or websites.

InterNetX offers two variants of the DDoS Mitigation Service, Basic and Pro. Both work independently of domain and port and offer proactive protection in which attacks are weakened early on. Both services offer in-house protection by means of the mitigation hardware in our own data center. The advantage of this DDoS protection package is that content and DNS settings do not need to be adjusted. Find out which version, Basic or Pro, best matches your web project.

DDOS Glossary

SpecificationsDDoS Mitigation BasicDDoS Mitigation Pro
Independent of domain
Independent of port
IP renumberingNo – IP remains unchangedNo – IP remains unchanged
Proactive handling
Origin protection
Mitigation through scrubbing center
Real-time response team – 24/7 support
Real-time mitigation
Protected IPs1Entire network (e.g. /24)
Attack volume 
(max. bandwitdh)
up to 2 Gbit/smore than 1,000 Gbit/s
Protection against attack vectorsudp-flood
Layer 7
and all other known vectors
Particular featuresSuccessful against many attack vectorsExtremely low false/positive rate
through intelligent and permanent pattern detection
Clear cost structure – fixed prices
Price/month49,90 € 1Price on request  1
1 All offer and prices only apply to business customers and exclude legal VAT.


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In a DoS/DDoS attack, the attacker either infects a server system (DoS) or several systems distributed throughout the world (DDoS) and coordinates them to attack a single target. This restricts various backbone operators in their free resources, leading to temporary disruptions or failures in services or websites. In times of the IoT (Internet of Things), the number of DDoS attacks is steadily increasing as many endpoints are inadequately protected and can easily be manipulated for attacks.
There are many types of DDoS attacks. Among the best known are so-called "floods". An attempt is made to "flood" the attack target (Origin) with an extremely large number of data packets and make it inaccessible through high bandwidths. The attacks can be carried out by individual attackers (DoS) as well as by several worldwide distributed attackers (DDoS).
This is an external data center that is located "near" so-called "Internet POPs" (Point of Presence). The scrubbing center filters the traffic before it reaches the actual data center. This way even high bandwidths can be mitigated.
As soon as a mitigation becomes active, an increased false/positive rate can occur. The reason: "Friendly" traffic is wrongly considered an attack and blocked. DDoS Protection Pro ensures a very low rate through permanent pattern recognition.
Many external DDoS Mitigation/Protection providers have to face the problem that the Origin itself, i.e. the IP of the website, needs to be obfuscated. This is to prevent attackers from bypassing the Origin protection and the attack being conducted around the mitigation. InterNetX, on the other hand, works with Origin protection. The IP itself is mitigated, directly protecting the Origin. The advantage: Content and DNS settings do not need to be adjusted.
Many DDoS Mitigation/Protection providers set the IP address of the affected domain to its own IP address to ward off the attack. The disadvantage: As a site operator this makes you dependent on the provider. In addition, there remains the risk of attacking the Origin IP, which is often exposed again by DNS settings such as MX records, etc. InterNetX works without IP renumbering. With InterNetX DDoS Mitigation Services, the IP address remains unchanged.

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