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Order DigiCert certificates in AutoDNS.

AutoDNS users can order and manage DigiCert certificates directly in AutoDNS. Use the SSL Wizard to find the ideal product for your specific case of application. Resellers can integrate the entire DigiCert certificate portfolio via API.   

  • Document & code signing
  • S/MIME 
  • Verified Mark Certificates (VMC)

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We are a Digicert Platinum Elite Certified Partner.

InterNetX was again awarded with the distinction "Digicert Platinum Elite Certified Partner" in 2022 and is committed to achieving the highest levels of performance.

Drawing on the wide range of DigiCert products, InterNetX is able to individually fulfill a great variety of customer requirements. 

Thanks to the high quality of TLS/SSL certificates with their effective additional features, like DigiCert Smart Seal, malware scanning or the vulnerability assessment scan, our customers can protect themselves optimally online. 

DigiCert certificates for customer projects?

Are you an agency that regularly requires DigiCert TLS/SSL or S/MIME certificates for customer and website projects? Take this opportunity to benefit from our SSL Reseller Program.  We offer excellent B2B conditions and an SSL management platform with API integrations.

Our Partner Success Team will be happy to work with you to plan and set up your individual reselling strategy.  

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Apart from conventional factors for making purchase decisions, like the intended application, validation and price, there are a few other technical details to consider. Like other CAs, DigiCert also uses so-called intermediate certificates (ICAs) in order to issue TLS/SSL certificates. The ICA links a certificate to the trustworthy root certificate of the CA so that browsers and other applications recognize it as trustworthy.

When ordering DigiCert TLS/SSL certificates in AutoDNS, one can select which root or intermediate certificate should be used to sign the certificate. This has the advantage that the ordered certificate can be specifically adapted to the system on which the TLS/SSL certificate will be utilized later.

You can find an overview of the root or intermediate combinations offered by DigiCert in our Help Center.

Yes, all conventional operating systems for newer computers, tablets and mobile phones support TLS/SSL protocols. The TLS/SSL certificates from DigiCert offer the highest root availability for 99.9% of all current web browsers, common operating systems and mobile devices.

If you have any questions about compatibility with devices using outdated operating systems, please contact our Support Team.

With a Multi-year Plan, DigiCert TLS/SSL certificates can be purchased with a validity period of up to 36 months at the same price conditions. 

The respective certificate is always valid for 397 days. Depending on the purchased validity period – 24 or 36 months – a free reissue must be carried out and the newly-generated TLS/SSL certificate must be exchanged on the server before the validity period of 397 days expires. This can be done at the earliest 90 days before and at the latest one day before the end of the respective 397-day period. 

Yes, absolutely. A CSR (certificate signing request) is an encrypted file that enables you to transmit your public key and other identifying information about your company and the domain name to DigiCert. It is also called the CSR key.

The CSR is generated on the server on which is will later be installed. All data required by DigiCert to issue the certificate must be entered for this. The following information is required when creating the CSR:

  • Common name (e.g. www.example.com)
  • Name and location of the company (country, state/province, city)
  • Key type (usually RSA)
  • Key length (minimum 2048 Bit).

Please keep the CSR key at hand when buying DigiCert certificates in AutoDNS

Online seals catch the attention of users. As your own verified brand logo is also displayed in the DigiCert Smart Seal, it acts as a kind of visual confirmation and identification aid for users and customers. With just a click, users can view more information about the security status and the implemented TLS/SSL certificate when visiting a website. This boosts customer trust, increases conversion rates and makes it difficult for fraudsters to misuse brands online. Find out more about the advantages of the DigiCert Smart Seal

For selected TLS/SSL products – like the Secure Site and Secure Site Pro certificates – the DigiCert Smart Seal is included in the purchase price. Our support team will be happy to help you with the generation and integration of your DigiCert Smart Seal.

The validation of DigiCert S/MIME certificates is as strong as that for TLS/SSL certificates. DigiCert S/MIME certificates are generally issued via a digital ID for individuals and departments in a company.

The DigiCert S/MIME Class1 is subject to domain or email validation (DV). Confirmation of the certificate is carried out via the email address. The certificate does not include any other information for the recipient.

The S/MIME Premium and Digital Signatur Plus certificates are organization validated (OV). This entails authentication of the organization by verifying ownership via a call to the human resources department using a telephone number from a public listing as well as information from the commercial registry. The information about the company is included in the certificate and can be viewed by recipients.

In this way, sensitive data is effectively protected, manipulation is prevented and the sender's integrity is clearly established. 

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