Kubernetes revolutionizes the provisioning of server applications: It's never been easier to implement applications on different platforms and into environments.

KUBERNETES – The REVOLUTION for server applications
INFOrmation and KNOW-HOW at a glance

It's not only essential to start and stop containers – also the collaboration between them has to be organized. Kubernetes cannot only simplify this process but provides even more: The container orchestration system enables developers and IT administrators to automatize the deployment, operation, maintenance and scalation of container-based applications.

Docker-using developers who have to scale their applications need an efficient solution to manage the container environment. As the number of containers is increasing continuously, a simplified and automatized orchestration becomes essential in order to keep an overview of all microservices.


CloudFest 2018: Hitting the cloud with Kubernetes

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InterNetX offers a fully extensive consultancy for companies who want to establish Kubernetes. The container orchestration system is an open source system from Google and therefore freely available to everyone. Nevertheless, the implementation of the system requires know-how and practical experience. We are happy to offer you our support to make Kubernetes avialable to your company.


DDoS Glossary

Kubernetes, or in short K8S, is an open source system to automatize the implementation, scalation and managment of container applications. The container orchestration simplifies the implementation of applications on platforms and into environments and makes the deployment, operation, mainenance and scalation of container-based applications easy.

Containers ensure that applications run reliably after they have been moved to another environment. Containers refer to processes that are restricted to namespaces. A process in a particular namespace differs from a process outside a namespace. Processes that are inside a namespace can share resources and are isolated from other processes. Even with a large number of containers, Kubernetes allows processes to be not only started and stopped, but also organized or orchestrated.

This is an external data center that is „near“ so-called „Internet POPs“ (Point of Presence). The scrubbing center filters the traffic before it reaches the actual data center. This way even high bandwidths can be mitigated.

As soon as a mitigation becomes active, an increased false/positive rate can occur. The reason: „Friendly“ traffic is wrongly considered an attack and blocked. DDoS Protection Pro ensures a very low rate through permanent pattern recognition.

To ward off an attack on the Origin, i.e. the IP of the website, many DDoS Mitigation/Protection providers obfuscate the Origin. This is to prevent attackers from bypassing the Origin protection and the attack being conducted around the mitigation. InterNetX, on the other hand, works with Origin protection. The IP itself is mitigated, directly protecting the Origin. The advantage: Content and DNS settings do not need to be adjusted.

Many DDoS Mitigation/Protection providers set the IP address of the affected domain to its own IP address to ward off the attack. The disadvantage: As a site operator this makes you dependent on the provider. In addition, there remains the risk of attacking the Origin IP, which is often exposed again by DNS settings such as MX records, etc. InterNetX works without IP renumbering. With InterNetX DDoS Mitigation Services, the IP address remains unchanged.


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TIER 3 data center

Our data center in Munich has been running free from interference since more than six years. Thus, we can provide 100% availability. 
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We only use hardware from established partners like Dell, Parallels, Intel, Citrix and from many other well-known brands.

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