PROCEED allows for automated SSL implementation and boosts the server performance through its own Content Delivery Network.

PROCEED offers the option to implement, exchange or renew SSL certificates with just a click and provides additional services that help boost server performance. Currently more than 80% of the worldwide data traffic is encrypted. Our goal is to establish SSL encryption as the norm for all data traffic on the Internet.
In practice the implementation of SSL certificates is rarely automated, so switching a website to full HTTPS-encryption can create difficulties during implementation. With PROCEED any website can be encrypted with just a few clicks. But PROCEED can do so much more …


What makes PROCEED stand out among products of other market players is the fact that the communication channel – from the client to the origin server – is completely protected by HTTPS and VPN. This potential gateway for hackers has been sealed by InterNetX.

Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla or TYPO3 have been factored into the development of PROCEED. When using PROCEED, there is no need for the time-consuming process of installing the plugins prior to encrypting the website and delivering it fully in HTTPS.

It's quicker with PROCEED

The client has access to your content from anywhere in the world. Requests are made to the DNS servers. The CDN redirects requests to the PROCEED node that is closest to the user, with the shortest latency time.

Waiting time without PROCEED

Without PROCEED the user response-reply-request would take a much longer route on every connection to a website relating to the distance from your website hosting location.

Fast. Secure. Network.

The unique feature of PROCEED is the option to activate additional services such as delivering static data through a content delivery network (CDN), using a web application firewall or caching image and CSS files in order to improve website optimization.

Based on customer feedback, InterNetX developed a complete solution that tackles practical problems when switching to HTTPS while also considering underlying factors of website performance and important SEO factors. SSL certificates are terminated on the PROCEED nodes, significantly reduing the server load through SSL offloading.

PROCEED significantly increases website loading speed, leading to decreased bounce rates, higher traffic and increased revenue!

You need ISAC and AutoDNS accounts in order to use PROCEED.

Quick protection

Simple one-click interface to order and manage SSL certificates

Protection all the way

Full-mantle encryption with HTTPS & VPN from the client to the server

Content Delivery Network

Worldwide deployment of static content through the PROCEED CDN

Picture optimization

Pictures are compressed automatically, reducing the file size

JS & CSS optimization

JS & CSS files are also compressed and optimized through minify

Improving SEO factors

HTTPS, file size and page speed are official Google ranking factors

SSL automation

Automated creation of all relevant files (CSR ect.)

Large SSL portfolio

Large portfolio of high-quality SSL certificates – DV, OV or EV

SSL offloading

SSL termination on the nodes decreases server load

No plugins necessary

CMS optimization, HTTP-2-HTTPS without the need to install plugins

Content caching

Caching of static content such as pictures, JS and CSS files

Extended protection

Web application firewall & backdoor prevention increase security

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InterNetX has been awarded the "Quality / Service" seal for its range of high-quality managed servers, by t3n, the renowned German magazine for digital business.

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