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InterNetX GmbH
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Commercial Register
HRB 7142

Registration court 
Amtsgericht Regensburg

Represented by the Managing Directors

  • Elias Rendón Benger (CEO)
  • Felix Hintze
  • Lars Krämer


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Despite careful control of the content, InterNetX does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy and up to dateness of the legally non-binding information displayed on this website. This especially applies to the content of external links of third party websites which InterNetX makes references to directly or indirectly links, as InterNetX does not control the content of such external information and does not regularly check it for accuracy (§ 7 Par. 2 TMG). InterNetX can not be made liable for third-party information to which InterNetX merely provides access (§ 8 Par. 1 TMG).

Person responsible for editorial

Birgit Berger
InterNetX GmbH
Johanna-Dachs-Str. 55
93055 Regensburg

Dispute resolution proceedings in front of a consumer arbitration board

We are not willing or obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings in front of a consumer arbitration board.

Central contact points according to the Digital Services Act - DSA (Regulation (EU) 2022/265)

You can reach our central contact points as follows:

1. contact point for authorities pursuant to Art 11 Par. 1 DSA
Our central contact point for the authorities of the Member States, the Commission and the body referred to in Art. 61 DSA is as follows:
In urgent cases, you can also contact us by telephone on +49-941 595590.

You can communicate with us in German as well as in English.

2. contact point for users of our services pursuant to Art 12 Par. 1 DSA
Our central contact point for users of our services is as follows

You can communicate with us in German as well as in English.

3. reporting and redress procedures pursuant to Art 16 DSA
In accordance with Art 16 DSA, persons and organizations have the opportunity to report the existence of individual information in our hosting services to us at the following e-mail address, which the person or organization concerned considers to be illegal content:

If you would like to submit such a report, please include the following information:

  • A reasoned explanation of why you consider the information in question to be illegal content;
  • a clear indication of the exact electronic location of this information, such as the precise URL address(es), or, if necessary, further information relevant to the nature of the content and the specific type of service in order to identify the illegal content;
  • your name and email address (unless the information is information that you believe relates to a criminal offense involving sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, child pornography, contacting children for sexual purposes, or inciting, aiding, abetting or attempting to commit such offenses). In these or other cases in which you wish to make a report without the possibility of identification, you can contact us by telephone on +49-941 595590.
  • a declaration that you are satisfied in good faith that the information and details contained in the report are correct and complete.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately after your notification. In addition, we will process all reports promptly, carefully, objectively and free from arbitrariness, and will promptly notify the reporting person or entity of our decision and advise them of any possible legal remedies.

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