Whois Privacy and Whois Privacy Plus

Whois Privacy hides WHOIS data from direct access by third parties.
The new Whois Privacy Plus also provides the possibility to communicate anonymously via email. 

Protect your WHOIS data

Registrant data is saved in the WHOIS (e.g. name, address, telephone number, email address). Without using Whois Privacy, this data might be visible to anyone or "redacted for privacy" will be displayed as sole information. The free Whois Privacy service prevents direct visibility of your data in the WHOIS. InterNetX replaces the personal registrant data in the WHOIS with the provider data. The domain owner can only be approached via a contact form. The new Whois Privacy Plus additionally provides an individual, randomly generated email address that allows an anonymized and direct communication between the domain owner and an inquirer. 

InterNetX Whois Privacy and Whois Privacy Plus are available for our domains and new gTLDs such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, BIZ, .CO etc. Please find the complete list here.

Whois Privacy

Whois Privacy replaces WHOIS data (name, address, phone and fax number, email address of the domain contact) with the data of our provider PrivateName Services Inc. Data will not be transferred to the provider. The original data of the domain owner will be replaced and displayed accordingly during a WHOIS query.  Communication with the domain owner is only possible through a contact form of our provider.

  • Reduces spam
  • Available for all new gTLDs (if supported by the registry)
  • Free of charge for all domains managed with InterNetX

New! Whois Privacy Plus

Whois Privacy Plus provides an individual email address with anonymized forwarding. This email address can be used for external communication. For each domain an individual email address is generated that allows anonymized communication – including a virus and spam check for all incoming and outgoing emails.

  • Direct approach via email
  • Anonymized communication
  • Email forwarding to existing email addresses, no extra login required
  • Forwarded emails will not be stored by Whois Privacy Plus
  • Domain portfolios cannot be searched via a reverse query of email addresses
  • Automatical virus and spam check
  • Free of charge until the first renew, then a yearly fee will apply

Resellers: service for your customers 

You can have Whois Privacy activated directly for your account in your AutoDNS. With just a few clicks, you can then activate or deactivate the service for one or several domains at the same time. The data changes in WHOIS are carried out immediately. Of course, you can also activate Whois Privacy individually for your customers.

Anonymized approach via the domain contact
With Whois Privacy Plus an individual email address will be generated for each domain. All emails that are sent to this individual email address are automatically checked for viruses and spam and are then forwarded to the domain owner. The domain owner, in turn, can reply anonymously – quite useful if e.g. the sale of the domain is to be negotiated.

Only via a contact form
With Whois Privacy contact to the domain owner can be made via the website privatename.com, where two validation steps must be completed (entering the relevant domain and captcha code) before the enquiry can be sent. If the domain is managed by InterNetX, the email is marked appropriately and forwarded to the domain owner via PrivateName Services Inc.

Whois Privacy Plus email address vs. Freemail address

Further information on Whois Privacy and Whois Privacy Plus

Whois Privacy is free of charge for all domains managed with InterNetX.

Whois Privacy Plus will be free of charge until the renewal of the domain. Starting with the first renew, the service will be liable to costs on a yearly basis. Please retrieve the prices in your individual price list available under "Optional Services" in AutoDNS.

Whois Privacy is available for a large number of TLDs. The prerequisite is that the respective registries allow data protection as offered by the service provider PrivateName. Therefore, PrivateName cannot and will not guarantee that the full scope of Whois Privacy or other privacy services is available for all TLDs. Whois Privacy and Whois Privacy Plus can be uses with these TLDS.

Yes, you continue to be the factual owner of the domain and retain complete liability for the domain and its usage.

Whois Privacy/Plus can be activated/deactivated through a check box in the AutoDNS UI. If you are planning to use the XML API for Whois Privacy/Plus, a command can be used to (de)activate the service through there as well. Activating or deactivating Whois Privacy/Plus can be done anytime for new or existing domains. With the exception of .name, all changes are usually made within seconds. For .name the registry has mandated a waiting period of 5 days for changing the WHOIS data.

You will receive an additional agreement including attachments specifying all details. As PrivateName Service Inc. is a Canadian company, these documents are currently only available in English. As soon as we have received the signed additional agreement, the customer account can be be activated for the service. Sub users can be activated at the discretion of the superior account holder through ACLs. The superordinate account holder is legally liable for ensuring that the requirements specified in the additional agreement are observed.

Bulk tasks are supported by AutoDNS for Whois Privacy/Plus as well.

You can deactivate Whois Privacy/Plus for a domain anytime. The original data will then be visible in WHOIS again according to the regulations of the relevant registry.

Using Whois Privacy every third party can use the website www.privatename.com to access a contact form for a domain protected by PrivateName Services Inc. The message will automatically be forwarded to the email-address(es) specified by the registrant in AutoDNS. 

With Whois Privacy Plus an individual email address will be generated for each domain. All emails that are sent to this individual email address are automatically checked for viruses and spam and are then forwarded to the domain owner.

Deactivate Whois Privacy Plus by carrying out a domain update (bulk function available). As soon as you reactivate the service, a new email address will be generated.

After consulting with the buyer, you can temporarily deactivate Whois Privacy/Plus for the domain. If you do not want to do this, please contact our support. We will confirm the ownership and send you the confirmation. This service is not free of charge.

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