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  • More than 350 ccTLDs and all gTLDs
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All domain extension from a single source
Best domain prices and an excellent service

The whole world of domains from a single source: With InterNetX you can rely on a trustworthy partner for your domain management. In addtion to our broade range of ccTLDs, gTLDs and new gTLDs, we also support you

with efficient domain tools and services such as Whois Privacy, Basic SSL and Trademark Clearinghouse to carry out website encryption, protect sesentive Whois data and trademark rights.

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Free SSL certificate for every domain

"Encryption Everywhere" – with this initiative in cooperation with Symantec (now DigiCert), InterNetX aims to encrypte all websites with SSL certificates in order to make the online data transfer safer.

Therefore, you can encrypt all your domains managed at InterNetX with a free Basic SSL certificate.

Basic SSL is available for all InterNetX customers. 

  • 256 Bit encryption
  • almost 100% browser compatibility
  • DNS based domain validation
  • real-time issue of certificates

AutoDNS – Domain Management for Experts

InterNetX customers can choose between two basic AutoDNS alternatives: AutoDNS DIRECT, the prepayment solution with payments made in US$ and a focus on the international market or the classical AutoDNS versions which give customers access to the full set of features. Compare the versions below.

AutoDNS Direct

The prepayment solution

AutoDNS DIRECT gives you the opportunity to jump into the domain business within minutes! Simply sign up online and assign a payment method to fund your account, and then you can start registering domains in no time! All domains are priced in US Dollars, and our domain management system allows you to choose from more than 400 domain extensions from around the world.

The most important features:

  • Prepayment solution
  • All prices in US$
  • Selection of over 400 TLDs
  • Free SSL certificate with each domain

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Domain management for professionals

The classic AutoDNS comes in three versions: Standard AutoDNS for companies and agencies, Personal AutoDNS for resellers and webhosters and Registrar AutoDNS for domain registrars. All three versions give users access to the most extensive domain portfolio, including 350 ccTLDs and all gTLDs! Payments are made in EUR and users can choose from different payment options, excluding prepayment.

The most important features:

  • Most extensive domain portfolio (350 ccTLDs and all gTLDs)
  • Payments made in EUR
  • Three versions for companies, resellers and registrars
  • Free SSL certificate with each domain

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AutoDNS - Features at a glance

Your Advantages at InterNetX

Biggest variety of TLDs

The choice is yours! We offer a broad range of products: with more than 350 ccTLDs and all gTLDs InterNetX is one of the largest providers of TLDs around the globe!

Expert customer service

Our multilingual support will take care of your requests and assist you in all your technical inquiries. In case of emergency our 24/7 hotline will be at your service!


With AutoDNS our inhouse developed white label software the administration of domains is simple, quick and versatile.
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Fantastic reseller conditions

As an InterNetX partner you can benefit from our excellent wholesale conditions and save money with alternating discounts and promotional offers!

Our domain services

Currently, about 1.200 new gTLDs have entered the market. In order to simplify the validation, protection and ultimately the registration of new gTLD domains for trademark holders, ICANN has established the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) as a mandatory service.

InterNetX is an accredited TMCH Agent and as such offers you the TMCH service to make new gTLD sunrise registrations as easy as possible. The TMCH service can be used conveniently via AutoDNS!

The advantage for trademark owners: You only need to submit the required trademark details once and the confirmation can be used for all Sunrise applications under all new gTLDs. Multiple entries of trademark data are not necessary, saving you time and money.

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When it comes to the secure authentication of DNS data, InterNetX is one step ahead. Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) guarantee the authenticity of requested data in the Domain Name System (DNS). As InterNetX customer, you can use DNSSEC for several TLDs through AutoDNS.

Selling domains has now become even easier! With the connection to SedoMLS (Multi Listing Services) Premium, we give you an optimized sales tool that allows you to offer domains for sale. With just a few clicks, you can reach potential buyers all around the world.

In order to register ccTLDs, some registries demand a verified postal address in the relevant country of registration for the adminC (administrative contact) or the ownerC (owner contact). InterNetX can provide you with the necessary data for the following TLD in case you don't meet the specific criteria:




The introduction of new gTLDs is generating increased interest in the domain and hosting business. With DomainShop, InterNetX is offering the perfect all-in-one shop solution for domainers, resellers and new gTLD providers. The DomainShop is a complete homepage construction kit to set up an end-user store, providing a flexible implementation and highly reliable technical operation.

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Using many name servers on different locations simultaneously greatly improves the stability and availability of your domain portfolio. This helps to better protect domains in the DNS (Domain Name System) against DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service). Further security and availability can be achieved by combining the existing InterNetX name server infrastructure with various external name servers.

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