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Data protection, security and performance – 24/7 at our Tier 3 data center.

A secure home for your servers
Server Housing & Colocation in the InterNetX Data Center

Benefit from our extensive experience and rent IT space and server racks at InterNetX. Use our colocation services to operate your servers and IT components in accordance with all industry norms, while saving the costs and efforts of running it yourself. Several security measures guarantee a safe home for your servers at InterNetX. Our highly-available TIER 3 data center provides the ideal conditions for the perfect IT environment.

The InterNetX Data Center is equipped to handle all complex IT infrastructures and meets the highest security standards. It offers the ideal IT environment, in particular for business-critical processes. It is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and meets its energy requirements 100% through hydro power (certified by TÜV-SÜD). Our server racks can be configured and customized to meet your business requirements exactly.

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Tier 3 Data Center

Tier 3 Data Center

Our data center in Munich has had an
availability of 99,9999926028 % since 2008.

Höchste Sicherheitsstatus

Highest Security Standard

The InterNetX Data Center holds the ISO27001 certification.

24/7 Vor-Ort-Service

24/7 On-Site Service

Our certified support is always there for you, providing you with quick and reliable assistance in service cases.

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Saving energy = lower electricity bills 
Thanks to energy efficient cold-aisle containment

Our energy-efficient cold-aisle containment saves you up to 30 % on your electricity bill compared to conventional solutions. It also guarantees a redundant power supply through an A/B feed – 100% green energy.


You are securely connected to the InterNetX backbone with a total bandwidth of more than 80 Gbit/s. Benefit from a setup located in Germany and in conformance to European privacy regulations (GDPR).

Security, service & availability
The benefits of our server racks for customers

  • Redundant power supply and climate control
  • Secure power supply and emergency power supply system (diesel power unit)
  • Energy efficient cold-aisle containment (reduces electricity costs by up to 30 %)
  • Multiple redundant Internet connection
  • Permanent camera surveillance & intrusion alarm system
  • Early fire detection and fire alarm system and fire extinguishing system in the data rooms
  • Permanent surveillance of all critical data center components through the building management system
  • Customized solutions for data rooms and use of office rooms
  • Ideal location in the north of Munich: 20 minutes to the airport, 15 minutes to the city center

High-speed connection
We work with strong carriers

Performance, service and modern technology
There are many good reasons to use the InterNetX Data Center

Data Center

Tier 3 data center

Our data center has been running free from interference for more than six years, offering 100% availability.

International certifications

We follow highest security standards, guaranteed by different certifications such as  ISO/IEC 27001, ITIL® and RIPE.

Expert know-how

Highly qualified employees ensure that your data is secure around the clock and guarantee professional server hosting. 

24/7 support

Our multilingual support gladly assist you in all technical matters. Of course we also offer a 24/7 emergency hotline.

  • 24/7/365 security
  • Freestanding building in inconspicuous location
  • Biometric access control system (finger print, palm vein scanner)
  • Room surveillance using motion sensors and cameras
  • Closed circuit television surveillance in the building
  • The location on the second floor protects against water, radiation and vandalism
  • All entrance doors in rooms under video surveillance meet safety class standard RC3 or higher
  • ISO/IEC 27001 – an internationally recognized standard for information security management
  • ITIL®– IT Infrastructure Library lists "Best Practices" in IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • RIPE – InterNetX is a member of "Réseaux IP Européens", responsible for the registration, allocation and coordination of Internet resources (IPv4/IPv6 addresses, AS numbers) in Europe
  • M-net
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Global Access
  • Cogent
  • EUNetworks
  • Level 3
  • Our competent, multilingual support (German, English) is happy to assist you with any questions, problems or needs by phone or email.
  • Outside regular office hours you can reach our technical service team through a 24/7 emergency hotline.
  • Fire prevention with early warning system (VESDA) via CIE (type ZETFAS)
  • F90 fire walls and doors
  • Optical smoke alarms / dual alarms / ionization alarms on ceilings and false floors
  • Fire-extinguishing system with compressed gas (type INERGEN)
  • Electrical connection with two monitored differential current 10 KV underground cables, redundancy N+2
  • AC USV with bridging time of more than 15 minutes
  • Concept with diesel generators, two feeds with 3200 A circuit-breakers respectively
  • Separate power distribution units with respective A and B customer allocation
  • Separate A/B bus bar system supplying critical and non-critical equipment
  • The power for the infrastructure components is supplied 100% through hydropower
  • Air/cooling performance for basic setup, q0 > = 1000 W/m² as specific cooling performance per m² occupied area in equipment room, i.e. per footprint, on customer demand in HD areas up to 2000 W/m²
  • Air temperature control via air handling units (AHUs) meeting the requirements in IT rooms; constant air intake temperature in server cabinets
  • Cold aisle containment, an innovative rack cooling system (rack water cooling) based on the basic principle of strictly dividing cold and warm air – perfect to keep up with technical developments and growing climate demands
  • Double to triple ceiling height
  • Cold water piping made out of black steel pipes, i.e. welded PVC piping
  • Optional: Connection to the Dark Fibre City Ring

Verified data security and service quality

DIN EN 50600: 2017
Industry Norm for Data Centers
Availability class 3
Protection class 1-4
Energy efficiency level 3
Download certificate

ISO/IEC 27001:2013
international Norm for IMS

Standard for information management systems 
and IT security
Download certificate

ISO 9001:2015
Data Center for IT Systems

Norm for
highest quality standards 
in service provider sector 
Download certificate

ESB Green Energy
Certificate for Green Electricity
Regional green energy
from TÜV-certified
hydropower plants
Download certificate

You are in good company
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What was that again?
Your colocation questions answered in short!

For Housing i.e. Colocation, all IT spaces (e.g. height units or server racks) are made available to house and operate systems, network components or other rack hardware. The IT infrastructure comes with high security standards, climate control and multiple redundant Internet connection and can be used for a monthly fee. This means that there are no high investment costs for server operations conforming to data protection law.

Colocation is the solution for you if ...

  • you already own systems and the infrastructure has to fulfill the high security standards for conformity to the European data protection laws (GDPR)  
  • you need a highly-available network infrastructure, energy supply and carrier connection
  • have to verify the use of an ISO-certified environment
  • you want to rely on 24/7 on-site support without organizing it yourself

With Colocation, the hardware belongs to the customer, who is responsible for the purchase, installation and replacement of components. The customer only pays for the ongoing costs of operating the system (electricity, traffic etc.) and for remote hands services (if ordered).

With Hosting, the hardware belongs to the provider, who makes use thereof available for a monthly fee. The maintenance costs are already included in this fee. Due to the familiar components, the support team can take action quickly if necessary. The monthly costs are constant and planable over the long term.  

Many hosting providers use colocation in order to save on costs for operating in conformity with standards. InterNetX combines both: We offer B2B customers hosting and colocation solutions. 

Operating servers in conformity with standards is cost and resource intensive, as the European laws on data protection (GDPR) present a difficult hurdle. This includes requirements such as:

  • Entry and access control with sufficient documentation that fulfills the standard for confidentiality - GDPR Article 32(1)(b)
  • High quality of the infrastructure, e.g. an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), must meet the requirements for availability and load capacity/resilience - GDPR Article 32(1)(b)

In order to meet the availability requirements according to the Tier 3 standard, a redundant and high-quality infrastructure must be set up. For self-run data centers, this is usually an uneconomical investment. High bandwidths and connections to several carriers, as well as energy-efficient environments, are only in place at a few locations.

  • DE-CIX enabled site: extremely short latencies to the DE-CIX peering POPs
  • Cold aisle containment: energy-saving, constant cooling performance
  • Double floors: less cooling required and lower energy consumption
  • High racks: 47 U instead of 42 U
  • Lockable racks: more security on site
  • 24/7-access: possible without notice or supervision
  • 24/7 on-site support: expert assistance around the clock
  • 100 % green energy

The data center is conveniently located and easy to reach via transport connections near Munich. There is plenty of free parking directly in front of the building.

If your biometric data has not been recorded, you will met at entry and accompanied by a member of staff. Access appointments should, if possible, be made 24 hours in advance. An identity document (personal ID card or passport) muss must be carried (not required for 24/7 registrations)

The data center itself is only accessible via an elevator. To use the elevator, please report to our staff members.

Rack space will be made available within a few work days. Optional services, like dedicated carrier connections are available after consultation.

The trained InterNetX Data Center Team will give you an introduction at the beginning. Please contact us 24 hours in advance to make appointments for access and to record the biometric data of the person authorized for access. Emergency access to the housing area is also possible at any time without an InterNetX member of staff, if a lockable rack has been been booked.

In order to implement the concept for climate control optimally, only 19" rack servers can be installed. Unused slots should be covered in order to avoid loss of cooling performance.

Please bring your own tools and rack rails, although these can be stored on site. A monitor cart and stepladder are available for general use. The "Unpack & Deploy" room, including wifi, can be used for free for preparatory work.

Additional items (tools, spare parts, foil etc.) may not be stored in the rack as these constitute a fire hazard. Please feel free to store these in the office.

The racks measure 60 x 120 cm. There is sufficient space for cables. The cable shafts are also separated for thirdracks. 

With 47 U, the racks are comparatively high. A stepladder is available for your use.

For individual rack units, InterNetX provides a divided switch with 1 Gbit/s (copper). We recommend booking a redundant uplink.

For lockable racks, you can select the switch yourself. Please let us know in advance, whether you would prefer glass fibre single mode, multi mode (recommended) or copper. For a redundant uplink, the switches must be compatible with LACP. For a redundant uplink in connection with two switches, these must support stacking. If you would like to assign this work via InterNetX, please contact our sales at

If you want to move an already existing dedicated carrier connection or want to commission access to a hyperscaler (Cloud Connect), please contact our sales team.

Shared racks (single rack units) have a C14 power strip. If cables are connected appropriately, the A/B feed can be used (recommended).

Red CEE-16A three-phase plugs are preinstalled in the racks by default. Switched and metered PDUs (power distribution unit) can be booked optionally.

Own PDUs can be used after consultation. If no PDUs are used, C14 power strips are installed: six in a full rack, two in a thirdracks (one per phase).

As oposed to hosting, for which the calculation for invoicing is based on volume, for colocation the calculation is based on bandwidth.

In the "95/5 principle", measuring points are determined over the whole month, from which 5 % of the highest values are deducted before invoicing. This means that the short-lived peaks are taken out of the equation and the consumption curve is flattened to the advantage of the customer.

The booked uplink of e.g. 1 Gbit/s is available without restrictions.

You can view your current traffic statistics via ISAC at, the exact monthly invoicing is billed retrospectively.

We will be happy to give you a personal consultation and find the optimal colocation solution for your requirements. Please contact us at or fill in the contact form above.