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From planning to execution and after-sales support, we will be at your side during every step of the migration process.

no downtime with domain transfer service
No downtime

Ensuring the uptime of your domains during the domain transfer with strategic planning remains our highest priority.

Individual migration plan domain transfer service
Secure migration

Safe and silent migration of your portfolio by our experts. No confusing notifications to your customers.

Domain consolidation
Domain consolidation

Consolidate your portfolio and benefit: More control, individual conditions, more efficient domain management. 

The domain transfer process

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Every TLD is unique and has special characteristics.

Our domain transfer experts will be happy to make you a customized offer depending on the domain portfolio you would like to migrate.

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Please note: Details about your portfolio and the file upload are optional. Having this information in advance will help us to give you the best possible consultation.

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AutoDNS combines all domain and SSL management possibilities on a single domain and certificate platform. With one interface that meets all the requirements of a modern domain business.

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The InterNetX Domain Studio analyzes millions of data points under 1,000 TLDs, 30 million premium domains and 19 million marketplace domains in real time to deliver the perfect search result. 

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Take advantage of additional tools for DNS, domain and trademark protection. Find, order and manage the right encryption from a range of well-known providers to protect websites, email and code.

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Domain Price Check & SedoMLS

Know what your domains are worth. Using data from over 2,600,000 domain sales, the AI calculates the estimated value of a domain name. You gain access to the largest domain aftermarket in the world.

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In order to make your domain transfer to InterNetX as smooth as possible, it is important for us to know the structure of your domain portfolio. Experience shows that it takes some time to gather all necessary and relevant data for the transfer and to check it for quality and completeness.

This is necessary to avoid downtime that is critical to business or to reduce it to a minimum. It is our goal to carry out the migration of your portfolio as safely and smoothly as possible. To this end, we thoroughly check all technical dependencies and remaining runtimes and work out a detailed schedule together with you.
Transfer tranches help to make the transfer of your domains to InterNetX as efficient as possible.

Our transfer team will assist you throughout the entire process and will also continue to advise you afterwards about the benefits and advantages you enjoy as an InterNetX partner. Get more information about all the advantages of our domain reseller program.

Every domain transfer is unique and always depends on the TLD policies of the registry or NIC. Transfer times can therefore vary greatly, from a few minutes (e.g. for .de), to a few hours and up to several days. There are also many dependencies in the authorization process, so it is difficult to make general statements about the duration of a domain transfer.

A domain transfer of larger portfolios in particular needs to be well planned.

If you have any questions, our transfer experts will be happy to assist you

Yes, we offer our partners the possibility to transfer remaining terms for certain TLDs, for which the respective registries also support this. Our partner managers will be happy to inform you about options and procedures during the portfolio analysis. 

Yes, as a matter of course, bulk domain transfers are possible - this is what distinguishes our managed domain transfer service.

For a smooth bulk transfer, we will first determine the tranches to be transferred and make all necessary arrangements. Auth info codes, terms and nameserver information have to be compiled and provided regardless of the TLD category. Our technical support team will then ensure the smooth handling of the bulk domain transfer.

A transfer usually triggers a renewal of the domain in question. This means that a new fee-based domain term is initiated. For this reason, domain transfers usually incur fees.

We recommend starting a transfer shortly before the end of the term for all TLDs where term transfers are not possible. When setting up your individual migration plan, these factors will naturally be taken into account.  

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