AutoDNS. enables you to efficiently manage all important tasks related to state-of-the-art domain and certificate administration. Reduce your workload with the most innovative domain robot on the market.

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Benefit from AutoDNS.

180% more TLDs

compared to other domain registrars.

24/7 real-time registration

via fully automated interfaces and APIs.

25% savings

thanks to many add-ons and included services.

65+ certificates

TLS/SSL, S/MIME, Code & Document Signing, VMC 

AutoDNS revolutionizes domain management.

business partners around the globe rely on our expertise.

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Domain & DNS management.

Domain Studio

Domain Studio helps you find the right online address for every use case among 1,050+ top-level domains, 30 million premium and 15 million marketplace domains. The most intelligent domain search on the market not only delivers the best results, but can also be used for domain registrations or transfers via the interface or REST API.

Search for domains

Security & brand protection.

Domain security features

Domains are valuable assets worth protecting. In AutoDNS, users will find various security services and features that provide additional security for domains and domain management. From 2FA, DNSSEC, WhoisPrivacy to protecting zones and contacts with DomainSafe – AutoDNS offers comprehensive protection.

Protect domains

Certificate management.

TLS/SSL life cycle management

Order and manage TLS/SSL, S/MIME, code signing or VMC certificates directly in AutoDNS. Bulk features save valuable time even with large portfolios. Notifications and alerts facilitate monitoring and also prevent the unwanted expiration of your certificates.

Order certificates

API & white-label reselling.

Domain Robot API

The Domain Robot API makes it possible to integrate the core technology of AutoDNS into other systems. This allows for the automation of various processes related to domain trading, such as domain registrations, deletions and renewals, saving you valuable resources.

Use the Domain Robot API

We offer maximum data security & highly reliable systems.

Versions. Features. Prices.

Depending on the versatility and multi-functionality required of the domain management and reselling platform AutoDNS, we have developed different service versions: AutoDNS Standard, AutoDNS Pro and AutoDNS Registrar. All versions allow users to register domains under 1,050+ TLDs. For professional white-label reselling and to benefit from the full set of AutoDNS features, we recommend upgrading to AutoDNS Pro.

Please note: The selected payment method (pre  or post payment) is decisive for which services can be booked directly in the interface. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on all options and details.

What is the difference between AutoDNS Standard and AutoDNS Pro?

Compare all versions in the quick check. For more details please see the feature list.

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€0/month 1

autodns loginurl Login (standard)

The login URL cannot be custom branded with AutoDNS Standard.

autodns standard version

The login screen cannot be customized to your own CI with AutoDNS Standard.

autodns die domain-plattform

AutoDNS Standard does not support detailed reportings.

autodns domainplattform

First-class support, but without user impersonations.

autodns domainplattform supportstandard

Individual prices cannot be displayed or customized for customers. (Except clones)

autodns domain plattform standard


€49.90/month 12

autodns pro custom login url screen Custom login URL

AutoDNS Pro allows you to use your own encrypted login URL.

AutoDNS Pro

Design the login area exactly the way you want it, without the need to compromise.

autodns pro login screen

AutoDNS Pro allows you to analyze and export usage data and reports.

AutoDNS Pro

AutoDNS Pro provides a professional support interface for troubleshooting.

autodns pro support interface

Individual prices and price lists can be customized for specific customers.

autodns pro pricing interface

Domain & DNS management
Domain life cycle

Create. Renew. Transfer. Update. Delete. Restore.

Domain search

Performance-oriented real-time search among 1,050+ TLDs


AI-based search results for alternative domain suggestions

Location-based search

Query of available local ccTLDs, geoTLDs and cityTLDs

TLD launch phases

Sunrise. Landrush. EAP. General Availability.

WHOIS check

WHOIS data queries for registered domains

Marketplace domains

Access to 9+ million marketplace domains up for sale via SedoMLS

Premium domains

Access to 6+ million listed premium domains

Domain estimation

Determine the domain value using AI

Bulk functions

Carry out all domain, DNS & certificate management tasks in bulk.

Domain trustee services

Help to comply with registration requirements for ccTLDs

Universal handle

One handle for 1,050+ TLDs; principle of data economy (§ 3a BDSG)

NodeSecure | Anycast & DNSSEC

Two clouds with over 40 name server locations worldwide incl. DNSSEC

€0.90 / mo per zone

€0.90 / mo per zone

Redirector for internal domains

Redirect domains and email addresses to any address

€1,90 per month / unlimited

€1,90 per month / unlimited

Redirector for external domains

Redirect external domains and email addresses to any address

on demand

on demand

DNS zones

Create. Update. Delete. Import.

Resource records


InterNetX name servers

4 redundant name server locations (,,,

Own name servers

Use your own name server infrastructure with AutoDNS

on demand

on demand

Certificate management
TLS/SSL | S/MIME | Code signing | VMC

DigiCert, Thawte, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Sectigo and RapidSSL

SSL Wizard

Helps you find the perfect certificate for your requirements from over 69+ different options

Security & brand protection
Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Authentication via the Authenticator app using a time-based one-time password (TOPT)

IP restriction

Interface access only for a restricted IP space

Whois Privacy

Anonymized Whois data for 600 TLDs

Whois Privacy Plus

Individual, randomly generated email address through which anonymized communication is possible

on demand

on demand


Protect domains from unauthorized access via PIN/smsTAN

€9.90 / mo

€9.90 / mo


Transmission of own DNSSEC keys to the registry

Registry Lock

To prevent unauthorized, unwanted or accidental domain transfers

Security notifications

Proactive email notifications in the case of suspicious account activity

Dispute alarm

Weekly email report on .de domains tagged with a dispute entry

€15,00 (one-time fee) €17.85 / mo

€15,00 (one-time fee) €17.85 / mo


Intelligent virus and spam filter preceding the own mail server

€9.90 / mo

€9.90 / mo


All emails are cached in case of mail server failure

€6,90 / mo

€6,90 / mo

Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)

Sunrise registration and Trademark Claims Service for trademark holders

from €169.00 / year per trademark entry

from €169.00 / year per trademark entry

Trademark Zone Scan

Scans brand names and keywords in over 1,700 root zones

from €99.90

from €99.90

Domain Blocking Services

Block your trademark under 300+ TLDs (only in combination with TMCH)

on demand

on demand

API | Integrations

< 2,500 requests / mo




> 2,500 requests / mo

from €49,90 / mo

from €49,90 / mo

Domain & certificate robot APIs

JSON (REST). XML. EPP (RFC-oriented). Key/value. Also for bulk features.

go to API docs

go to API docs

XML price list

Regular prices, promotional prices, trustee service, premium price classes and certificates

Billing plugins

WHMCS. HostBill. WeFact. JoomISP.

Domain parking

Park domains at Sedo and ParkingCrew

Domain marketplace

Buy and sell domains over SedoMLS

White labeling

Adjust user interface to your own corporate design (logo and brand colors)

Login screen

Login screen using own corporate design

Branded URL

Individual HTTPS-encrypted login URL

Prices & price management
Display sales prices

Display of sales prices to individual customers

Individual price lists

Creation of individual price lists according to product and customers

Flexible pricing

Discounts or markups for specific products or customers


Individual and time-limited price promotions for customers

Purchase limit

Purchase limits for individual customers. 

Account & user management

Personalized widgets to meet different requirements

History & notifications

History of all actions in AutoDNS and proactive security notifications

Definition of users & subusers

Allocation of rights using access control lists (ACLs) for functions and products

up to 5


Object-user allocation

Different objects can be allocated to different users

User impersonation

As an admin, you can take action on behalf of another user using the impersonate function

User invite feature

Conveniently invite subusers via the UI to use AutoDNS

Number of users per account

User and subusers per AutoDNS account

up to 5


Statistics & reporting

Comprehensive statistics on KPIs with monthly email reporting


Monthly invoicing data made available (CSV file)

1st level support
Email support

A support expert is available to you for each TLD

Phone support

Our support staff will help you directly during office hours

24/7 emergency support

Get support via an emergency hotline in urgent cases

Support center

Manage customer turnover, master data and user actions centrally

All offers and prices are only available to business customers in terms of § 14 BGB and exclude legal VAT. No minimum contract term. The period of notice is 4 weeks to the end of the month.
The subscription fee of €49.90/month is automatically renewed each month until notice of cancellation is received within the specified cancellation period.
AutoDNS Registrar
AutoDNS also offers many opportunities for automation and increased efficiency for registrars with their own accreditations.
On demand
On top of all AutoDNS Pro features, AutoDNS Registrar offers:
  • Mulitple registry accounts
    Manage multiple accreditations per TLD
  • Premium mail support
    Specialized experts provide 1st level support
  • Individual pricing & product management
    Set your own prices for selected products
Our technology & registry partners.


AutoDNS is a multi-client domain management platform, enabling you to register and manage domains under 1,050+ top-level domains in real time. For a very large number of top-level and second-level domains, the registration processes are fully automated. 

With the integrated Domain Studio, you also have the most powerful domain search on the market at your disposal. Analyze several million data points across 1,050+ TLDs, 15 million premium and 19 million marketplace domains in real time to get your perfect search result. Domain Studio can be used either through the interface or via the REST API.

And that's not all! Even very large domain portfolios as well as domains at other registrars can be managed intuitively and efficiently with AutoDNS. The same applies to TLS/SSL certificates, DNS servers and more.

The user interface of this powerful software-as-a-service solution can be flexibly adapted to meet the specific business requirements of domain resellers.

Core features of AutoDNS as a domain robot can also be integrated into external systems via API. This reduces the overall complexity and makes AutoDNS the ultimate, resource-saving tool for a successful business on the international domain market.

AutoDNS offers you the possibility to manage an unlimited number of domains professionally and efficiently, both in the standard version and with AutoDNS Pro. This enables you to manage your entire domain portfolio without any hidden costs in a clearly structured interface. The only limit is set by the performance capacity of the name servers.

The DNS management integrated in AutoDNS provides name servers on a highly available infrastructure as well as Anycast DNS and DNSSEC. Through NodeSecure, InterNetX offers customers zone signing with DNSSEC. NodeSecure is the anycast service of InterNetX. The respective name servers are distributed across 20 / 40 different locations worldwide.

This allows providers or domain resellers to benefit from additional potential savings by eliminating the need to purchase required hardware.

There are several options:

  • You can use our standard name servers with neutral hostnames.
  • Or you can use alias hostnames like for virtual name servers.
  • As an advanced solution, it is also possible to connect your own dedicated name servers to the AutoDNS system.

Zone administration of the Anycast name servers is carried out in real time via AutoDNS or via the XML API.

Yes, AutoDNS enables WHOIS checks in compliance with privacy regulations in the domain multi tool - even in bulk.

As a domain registrar, we only provide information about domains and domain owners that ICANN requires us to provide. The domain owner is listed in the WHOIS database of the registries or the registrar. Depending on the registry, the so called Admin C can make decisions about the domain for the domain owner.

Note: The domain belongs to the owner of the domain, who is registered in WHOIS. Registrants should ensure that they are entered as the owner of the domain (Owner C) when registering the domain. Companies should always deposit correct and company data in the WHOIS. If you want to protect your personal data from being viewed by third parties, our Privacy Services in AutoDNS are available for this purpose.

Both options are possible in AutoDNS.

However, it depends on your chosen payment method. During the registration process in AutoDNS you have the choice between post-payment and pre-payment. The option to auto-renew only comes with the choice of post-payment – while with pre-payment, the auto-delete option is also available.

Note: Please note that other services, features and add-ons offered in AutoDNS are also dependent on the selected payment method. If you have any questions, our team of experts will be happy to advise you in detail on this topic. 

Yes, AutoDNS supports English and German as interface languages for the domain management software. In addition, a multilingual customer support team is available 24/7 to respond to problems quickly.

Yes, you can. AutoDNS allows you to register, manage, transfer – and also sell domains. With the connection of SedoMLS (Multi Listing Service) Premium to the interface of AutoDNS, domain trading becomes multidimensional and extremely easy.

AutoDNS can be adapted to the desired corporate design within a few seconds. All you have to do is to drag and drop your logo onto the interface. AutoDNS now automatically detects the colors used and adapts the interface to your branding.

With AutoDNS Pro, you also have additional white-labeling features. This allows you to use AutoDNS Pro under your own URL, flexibly customize the login screen and carry ou other personalization measures.

With AutoDNS Pro, any number of subusers with dedicated access rights can be created and managed. This allows you to use AutoDNS in many different ways. Whether for reselling or as an internal management platform - the areas of application are unlimited. Thanks to the comprehensive user rights management, you can indvidually control which users have access to specific areas and products.

AutoDNS grows with your requirements. Therefore, you can react flexibly at any time and upgrade AutoDNS Standard to Pro. This provides you with more practical tools and features to support you in your growth.

AutoDNS is the domain platform for registrars, internet service providers and IT business professionals. It is therefore principally aimed at professionals and companies.

This always depends on the circumstances. Via our JSON API, you have all access possibilities for the integration of our services.

We offer you a sandbox (demo environment) for AutoDNS via which you can test the functions of your implementation of our API. We provide comprehensive support for the control and simulation of typical transactions. Just send us a message to with the topics that are important to you.

If you have a fixed IP address range, you can restrict access exclusively from that address range. You can create different users for web and API access and, if desired, add a second factor according to the time-based one-time password algorithm (TOTP) for authentications.

Become our partner.

We’d love to hear about your brand and domain management challenges – even if you’re not sure what your next step is. We are happy to share more details about our domain services with you. 

Any questions? Let's talk.