Use DomainSafe and protect your valuable domains against third-party access.
Make it impossible for password thieves to get hold of and change your domain data.

Proactive domain protection

The optimized DomainSafe provides the best protection for domains against unwanted access by third parties. The valuable domains are protected by multiple layers of security and locked individually with a PIN/mTAN process. Several personalized verification steps are needed to carry out changes to a protected domain. A new mTAN must be used for each domain order, thereby preventing anybody from gaining access to your domains.

Use DomainSafe through AutoDNS

Access security for all TLDs at InterNetX

Professional domain protection with DomainSafe: Integrated into the InterNetX domain management software AutoDNS, the useful security feature offers reliable domain protection.

DomainSafe – Your advantages

  • Available for all TLDs in the InterNetX portfolio
  • Order DomainSafe conveniently online in AutoDNS
  • Available for bulk orders
  • No (re-)validation fee
  • Low price per domain and month

It's so easy to activate DomainSafe

Step 1

Enter user details, mobile number and specify a PIN.

Step 2

The verification code is sent by SMS to the specified number.

Step 3

Enter the verification code sent by SMS and click "Activate DomainSafe".

Step 4

Your DomainSafe is activated!
You can deposit your valuable domains in DomainSafe now.

Available in four versions

  • Standard AutoDNS - for domainers, agencies, companies
  • Personal AutoDNS - for resellers, webhosters
  • Registrar AutoDNS - for registrars

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