Thawte SSL Certificates

Reliable authentication standards

High-performance SSL solutions by Thawte ensure highest online security.
We offer the right SSL certificate according to your needs.

Thawte was the first certification authority to provide SSL certificates to public bodies outside the USA. Since 1995 Thawte issued more than 945,000 SSL and Code Signing Certificates, providing online security for more than 240 countries. Thawte is an integral part of the Symantec SSL product range and offers high-quality Extended, Organization and Domain Validation Certificates. Thawte partners benefit from the strenght and reliability of the Symantec infrastructure. Thawte Extended Validation Certificates are among the most innovative on the market.

Certificate Encryption Extended
Guarantee Trust Seal
Thawte SSL123 128 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
500.000 USD
Thawte SSL Webserver 128 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
1.250.000 USD
Thawte SSL Webserver with EV 128 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
1.500.000 USD