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SgC SuperCert

Data protection for older browser versions

The SgC SuperCert Certificate, with a true 256 Bit encryption, is the only Thawte certificate that can bring browser versions with lower encryption (e.g. 50 Bit) rates up to speed (256 Bit).

The SgC SuperCert Certificate allows maximal protection for customers who use older browser versions. Additionally, it offers very high compatibility to cellular phones and other mobile devices.

The validation process is carried out via Whois inquiry and a confirmation call by Thawte. The company which applied for the certificate is then included in the signed certificate and becomes immediately apparent to website visitors.

Main features at a glance
Minimum encryption: 128 Bit
Maximum encryption: 256 Bit
Compatible with 99,90 % of all Internet browsers
Validation via phone
Free Site Seal
Free Re-Issue
Applicant will be shown in the certificate
Compatible with IDN domains
Highest compatibility with mobile devices
Comfortable ordering via web interface

Ordering process

After receiving your order, Thawte begins with the verification of the applicant. In order to do this, it looks for the company in the available databases. If the applicant is verified, a telephone call is made to the specified administrative contact person. The certificate is only issued after the contact person has been reached.

Please note

  • The Whois entry must correspond exactly with that of the applicant. Please pay careful attention to the legal form of your company name.
  • If Thawte is not able to complete verification through the databases, the administrative contact person will receive an email requesting missing information to be faxed. As soon as the documents are received, the order will be processed.