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The AI-based domain search delivers a broad set of results and shows all purchase-relevant domain data. It can be integrated externally and configured individually via API.

Domain Studio. It's the best result that counts. 

  • Icon domain search Domain & whois checks under 1,050+ TLDS
  • icon star Premium & marketplace domains (Sedo)
  • icon search alternativen Exact matches & suggestions based on search trends
  • Domain Estimation AI-based domain value estimation
  • icon location Location-related results & recommendations
  • icon uhr Real-time registration
  • icon applicationen Many widgets & filter functions
  • icon undefined No rate limits
AutoDNS domain search

With 1,050+ possibilities, there will always be a match.

With Domain Studio, it has never been easier or more efficient to search for, find, register and transfer domains. As an AI-based and multifunctional domain configurator, our domain search draws on several million data points from various sources to provide users with the best possible search results in real time. To meet all market requirements, it combines a domain search with a whois check in one interface. A domain value estimation function has also been added to enhance and round off the scope of features.

But, that is not all! Domain search results are clustered into categories and tagged so that users can quickly see whether they are special offers, premium or marketplace domains. In addition, any domains listed in the search result that are potentially subject to trademark protection rights are also marked with relevant information. Filter functions make the domain search even more efficient. Domain resellers can implement Domain Studio on any website and in other systems via API.

Core features

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Domain check
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Whois lookup
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Domain estimation
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Domain transfers
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Domain search & whois check.

Domain Studio is one of the most powerful features in AutoDNS. It combines all market-relevant requirements for a domain search tool in one interface. Users can quickly find available domains, register or transfer them directly via a shopping cart. There are over 1,050+ TLDs to choose from in Domain Studio. Premium and marketplace domains (Sedo) are also listed.

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Premium domains

Register & transfer domains.

Domain search, domain registration and domain transfers - all these tasks can be done by domain managers directly via Domain Studio. All basics and order types are combined in one tool. For registration or transfer, domains simply have to be placed in the shopping cart, where the necessary data will be requested.

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Many filter functions
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Domain transfers
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Domain registration

Identify opportunities.

Domain Studio not only shows the status of a domain, but can do much more. It produces an extensive list of relevant results based on the search keywords and domains, clustering them into different categories for exact matches, recommendations, similar domains, location-based matches, premium and marketplace domains. The search results are also enriched with further purchase-relevant data, such as the estimated domain value or promo prices.

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Similar domains
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Matching suggestions
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Integrate Domain Studio via API.

Domain resellers, SaaS providers and agencies can benefit greatly from the integration of Domain Studio. All Domain Studio functions can be integrated into external systems and made available to their own users and customers via API. This allows businesses to expand their product portfolio without having to invest in technical or development resources.

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Flexible configuration
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Reliable performance
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Our technology & registry partners.

One domain platform. For all tasks.

We have the right domain and DNS management features for all: The smartest domain search on the market, name servers, a domain price check and many more features - all unified in one interface. AutoDNS is available in three versions and can be upgraded at any time.

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With AutoDNS Pro we offer especially domain resellers and users who need multi-user features the ultimate domain robot to register and manage domains for end customers. AutoDNS Pro is white-label ready and can be customized the way you want and need it.

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Integrate AutoDNS features into your systems with the Domain Robot API and use the full potential of the platform for your success. Many tools and functions of AutoDNS as well as all TLS/SSL products can be easily connected. One API. Endless possibilities.

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AutoDNS Pro
Domain Robot API

Domain reselling made easy. With our reseller program.

A long-term and solid partnership with individual support and attractive conditions – this is what we have been successfully offering our business partners for over 20 years. Are you also interested?

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You have a large domain portfolio and would like to consolidate your domains in AutoDNS while gaining all the advantages of the Pro version for your business? Get more information about our transfer service.


A WHOIS check or WHOIS lookup makes it possible to check the status code of a domain. For this purpose, data from the WHOIS protocol is matched and information on domains and IP addresses as well as their ownership is queried in distributed database systems. The result provides information on whether a domain has already been registered, when it was registered and at which registrar it is managed. If applicable, the name server used is also displayed. 

ICANN and the registries as operators determine which information about a domain is recorded and published in WHOIS databases. In addition, data protection regulations determine which data is listed there. As a rule, the following data is listed:

  • registrar | provider
  • email address for contacting 
  • name server
  • create, renewal and expire date of a domain
  • personal data about the registrant or AdminC contact are stored in WHOIS databases, but since the introduction of the GDPR in the European area, they are no longer publicly accessible. 

Good to know: WHOIS is currently being replaced by a new standard called RDAP (Registration Data Access Protocol), which offers more flexibility and greater usability. 

As an AI-supported domain configurator, Domain Studio revolutionizes the classic domain search by performing a WHOIS check and displaying search-relevant alternatives. WHOIS databases as well as several data sources on premium domains of the registries are used to display the various domain suggestions and Sedo marketplace domains are also listed. With the help of AI, the search results are enriched with further suggestions and recommendations that match the search query and are listed in a structured manner. 

In order to provide optimal results for domain checks, Domain Studio compares several million data points from different sources in real time and provides them with WHOIS, pricing, estimations and premium status.

Central sources of data are:

  • 350 registry partners (1,050+ TLDs)
  • InterNetX Premium Marketplace
  • domain marketplace SedoMLS 
  • VeriSign NameStudio (suggestions)
  • similar domains (generated via own algorithm)
  • location-based domains via configurable IP addresses

If Domain Studio is used and integrated via API, multiple sources can be specified per request when generating domain names. For each source, a list of services can be specified to be used for adding supplementary domain data. Learn more in the Domain Studio Guide.

Yes, domain robot functions are integrated in Domain Studio, enabling users to register domains or transfer them to AutoDNS directly after the domain check. Users simply need to place their selected domains in the shopping cart and are then guided through the respective ordering process.

The Domain Studio supports these languages for requests and responses:

  • English (eng)
  • German (ger)
  • Spanish (spa)
  • Italian (ita)
  • Japanese (jpn)
  • Turkish (tur)
  • Chinese (chi)
  • Portuguese (por)
  • French (fre)
  • Korean (kor)

Learn more about the API functions in the Domain Studio Guide

Domain Studio also presents other relevant search results in addition to "exact matches". The category "recommendations" lists domain suggestions based on popular and/or advertised TLDs in combination with the $searchToken. Under "suggestions", available domain alternatives and combinations are listed that contain the $searchToken.

In order to align the domains suggested for registration with geographical locations and to complement them in a meaningful way, Domain Studio employs the user IP address that is used when the search is carried out. Depending on these IP addresses, additional TLDs related to the country or region are determined with the corresponding "$searchToken" and combined to output matching domain hits.

Yes, there is. The Domain Studio Guide describes all Domain Studio API functions in detail. There are several Software Development Kits (SDKs) available for implementing Domain Studio Search.

Depending on the availability of a domain and the underlying domain reseller conditions, the Domain Studio shows the prices for:

  • a create or transfer 
  • the renew

In this way, both one-time and follow-up costs are listed by Domain Studio.

You want to become a domain reseller and get information about our domain reseller program? Get more info here

Yes, multiple domains can be selected and registered or transferred in Domain Studio. Dedicated bulk features for domain registrations and domain transfers are also available in the AutoDNS Multi Tool.

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