25,000 customers worldwide entrust 4 million domains to our in-house developed white label software –agencies, resellers, webhosters and registrars.

Keeping control over your and your customers domains
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Domain administration has never been easier! Domain portfolios of any size can be managed efficiently with AutoDNS: actions such as creating domain contacts, domain registrations, updates and transferring large domain portfolios can all be carried out instantaneously. With more than 350 ccTLDs and all gTLDs, resellers and their customers have access to one of the largest TLD portfolios!

The three versions of AutoDNS meet all individual demands: Standard AutoDNS for companies and agencies, Personal AutoDNS for resellers and webhosters and Registrar AutoDNS for domain registrars. If required, all
operations in AutoDNS can be processed directly via the XML-API.

Risk-free domain management

With AutoDNS, domain resellers have access to the huge InterNetX domain portfolio: ccTLDs, gTLDs, community TLDs, brand and company TLDs are available for registration to you and your customers. Additionally, InterNetX is directly accredited with over 170 registries, allowing us to offer excellent conditions and customized services. We are constantly expanding our product range and will therefore continue to offer one of themost extensive domain portfolios among all registrars. In all that we place the highest importance on service and quality.

Free SSL certificate for every domain!

Encryption today is part of the standard outfit of every website. That is why all InterNetX domain customers  receive a free SSL certificate for each domain managed in AutoDNS.
  • 256 Bit encryption
  • nearly 100% browser compatibility
  • DNS based domain-validation
  • SSL certificates issued in real-time

White label features for resellers

AutoDNS has been developed specifically for professional users and resellers. The domain management software offers a broad range of white label features such as adjustable layout, detailed user configurations (ACLs) and many practical reseller tools, such as the domain price check and many more. Simply use your own URL, adjust AutoDNS to match your company layout or setup your own download or news sections  you can easily customize AutoDNS according to your individual needs.

Full flexibility thanks to the API

The XML or EPP API for AutoDNS gives InterNetX resellers full control over their domain business. You can register and manage domains and carry out all domain actions through a single interface. This allows you to offer your customers a professional domain management service. A detailed documentation helps you to implement the XML and EPP interface quickly and easily – e.g. via PHP, Perl or Java.

International service

AutoDNS is available in seven languages: German, English, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese and French. In combination with our extensive domain portfolio, this makes AutoDNS a domain management tool that can be used by professionals all over the world. Our team will support you in your preferred language and help you with the administration of your domains.

Efficient connection to billing systems

You can connect AutoDNS to diverse billing tools via an API interface and carry out all important invoicing applications - it's simple and easy! Currently AutoDNS supports billing systems of WHMCS, Odin Business Automation, WeFact and HostBill. Find out more about the free plug-in for WHMCS!

Multilingual support – your 24/7 emergency service

You have questions or technical inquiries? Our multilingual support will gladly assist you via phone or email. A 24/7 emergency hotline is available outside our regular business hours (phone: +49 900 111 36 86). You can also make use of our callback service - our experts will call you at the chosen time without additional costs.

Four versions of AutoDNS
Features at a glance


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Additional services and benefits
All about domains

In order to simplify the validation, protection and ultimately the registration of 400 gTLD (e.g. .com, .net) and new gTLD (e.g. .shop, .website) domains for trademark holders, ICANN has established the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) as a mandatory service.

InterNetX is an accredited TMCH Agent and as such offers you the TMCH service to make new gTLD sunrise registrations as easy as possible. The TMCH service can be used conveniently via AutoDNS!

The advantage for trademark owners: They only need to submit the required trademark details once and the confirmation can be used for all Sunrise applications under all new gTLDs. Multiple entries of trademark data are not necessary, which saves you time and money.

Find out more!

In order to register ccTLDs, some registries demand a verified postal address in the relevant country of registration for the adminC (administrative contact) or the ownerC (owner contact). InterNetX can provide you with the necessary data for the following TLD in case you don't meet the specific criteria:


The WhoisProxy lets your customers check the availability of domains simply and quickly. This practical tool can be easily integrated into websites and greatly reduces the effort it takes to run whois enquiries for TLDs available at InterNetX. Apart from the simple availability check, the WhoisProxy also allows to check if the relevant domain is a premium domain or if a Trademark Claim record exists. This makes WhoisProxy an ideal tool for you and your customers, saving you time and money.

The efficient redirector enables you to easily redirect domains and email addresses to other existing domains, subdomains or email addresses. Individual domains can be diverted to HTTP, HTTPS, frame targets or fixed URLs. Single email addresses or the entire email traffic of a domain can also be routed to separate target addresses.

Tip: We recommend using search engine friendly HTTP/HTTPS!

Mail Proxy is a practical security solution that fends off unwanted emails in advance and reduces the load on the customer system. This software serves as a virus and spam filter that is switched upstream of the customer's system and checks emails for viruses, spam and other malware. Infected emails are deleted, spam emails are marked and then forwarded to the mail server.

DomainSafe protects domains against unauthorized access by third parties. These valuable domains are protected by multiple safeguards in a virtual safe at and secured individually by PIN/mTAN. DomainSafe is available for all ccTLDs, gTLDs and new gTLDs in the InterNetX portfolio!

Find out more about DomainSafe!

With the feature "Premium Domain Market" in AutoDNS, you can directly buy premium domains – 15 million available premium domains. You can also activate this function for your subusers via the ACL management tool.

The InterNetX Domain Monitoring service alerts you if a critical action has been carried out for selected, business relevant domains. Domains will be stored in a database together with an email address and a mobile phone number. If a critical action is carried out for a domain selected for the Monitoring service, you will be notified through the specified contact information. The Monitoring list is checked every 30 minutes and directly triggers an email and SMS notification. 

Web-based billing systems are useful tools for companies. AutoDNS is interfaced with several billing tools such as WHMCS, Odin Business Automation, WeFact and HostBill, through which you can carry out all important accounting applications  simply and easy!

Registrant data is saved in the whois (e.g. name, address, telephone number, email address). Without using Whois Privacy this data might be visible to anyone or "Redacted for Privacy" will be displayed as sole information. The free Whois Privacy prevent direct visibility of your data in the whois. InterNetX replaces the personal registrant data in the whois with the data of our provider. The domain owner can only be approached via a contact form.

InterNetX Whois Privacy and Whois Privacy Plus are available for more than 600 TLDs such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, BIZ, .CO etc. Please find the complete list here.

Find out more here...

The new Whois Privacy Plus additionally provides an individual, randomly generated email address that allows an anonymized and direct communication between the domain owner and an iquirer.

InterNetX Whois Privacy and Whois Privacy Plus are available for more than 600 TLDs such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, BIZ, .CO etc. Please find the complete list here.

Find out more here...

Further improve your professional appearance with virtual nameservers by presenting yourself as an independent name server operator in the DNS, i.e. ns1/ns2/ns3/ An exclusive IP address can also be used on request. The zone administration for the virtual nameservers is carried out conveniently and in real time via AutoDNS or the XML API. Additionally, a connection between a dedicated name server and the AutoDNS system can also used.

Find out more about our name server products!

BackupMX ensures you that no emails get lost. In the event of mail server failure, all emails are temporarily stored on an InterNetX system. As soon as the original mail server is available again, the saved emails are automatically forwarded to the actual mail server from the InterNetX BackupMX.

You can implement domain parking during the registration and updates in AutoDNS and thus benefit from type-in traffic. Use the synchronized connection in AutoDNS to park domains at our partners ParkingCrew or Sedo. Working with ParkingCrew allows you to directly implement your domain parking account via the AutoDNS interface with a just a few clicks.

Selling domains has now become even easier! With the connection to SedoMLS (Multi Listing Services) Premium, we give you an optimized sales tool that allows you to sell domains to a wide variety of buyers. With just a few clicks, you can reach potential buyers all around the world!

When it comes to the secure authentication of DNS data, InterNetX is two steps ahead. Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) guarantees the authenticity of requested data in the Domain Name System (DNS). As an InterNetX customer, you can use DNSSEC for several TLDs through AutoDNS.

NodeSecure is the anycast name server service by InterNetX. The global distribution of the NodeSecure name servers guarantees high availability with exceptionally high access speed. In addition, this service offers the possibility to sign zones with DNSSEC without additional costs. The administration of the zones can be executed in real time through AutoDNS or the XML-API.

Find out more about NodeSecure!

In case a .DE domain infringes the rights of anyone else, DENIC provides the possibility – by submitting evidence – to place a dispute entry for the relevant .DE domain. But how to keep track when it comes to bulk registrations?

Activate the Dispute Alarm in AutoDNS to receive an email report on a weekly basis about whether .DE domains in your portfolio bear a dispute entry and if so which domains are affected. In addition, you will also be informed when the dispute entry has been removed.

The Dispute Alarm allows you to react quickly and take the necessary steps to stop or initiate a domain sale or remove affected domains from your portfolio. 

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