S/MIME Certificates

The S/MIME technology is used for PersonalSign certificates to digitally sign and encrypt emails – an effective protection against phishing attacks!

GlobalSign offers specific PersonalSign certificates to sign and encrypt emails with the S/MIME (short for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) technology. The encryption of data with S/MIME guarantees for the integrity of mails and ensures message privacy. Additional digital signatures prove the authorship of the sender. Through a digital ID the S/MIME certificates can be issued for persons as well as for departments of a company offering various levels of confidence.

S/MIME Encryption provides message integrity, authentication, privacy via data encryption, and non-repudiation via digital signatures. The way of authentication depends on the type of the ordered S/MIME certificate. In addition, PersonalSign certificates allow the implementation of electronic signatures in documents created with Microsoft Office. S/MIME certificates provide an effective way to prevent tampering, ensure privacy of sensitive information and prove the origin of email communication.

CertificatePurpose of UseLevel of ConfidenceDigital ID as Proofe ofAuthentication
PersonalSign 1Representing the email address of an individual1Email addressVia email
PersonalSign 2Representing the identity of an individual2Email address
Identification of the individual
Via email
Copy of identity card
PersonalSign 2 ProRepresenting an individual at an organization2Email address
Identification of the individual at an organization
Via a phone call to the human resources department using the number quoted in the telephone book
Excerpt from the commercial register
PersonalSign 2 DepartmentRepresenting a department identity of an organization 2Email address
Identification of the organization
Via email
Excerpt from the commercial register
PersonalSign 1
For the protection of emails and Office documents that don't need the identification of the sender.
PersonalSign 2
For individuals that are not part of an organization who want to protect emails and documents.
PersonalSign 2 Pro
For individuals at an organization who want to encrypt their email communication.
PersonalSign 2 Department
For department identities of an organization to protect the email and data transfer.

Proof of authorship und identity control

Digital certificates for the email communication encrypt data and ensure message privacy. A cryptographic key is bound to the identity of the sender so recipients of email messages can verify that the email actually came from the original sender, not an imposter. Once the certificate has been implemented the user can sign and encrypt his emails with a single click. This function can also be standardized to sign every email of the user automatically.

The advantages of S/MIME certificates

  • Protected email communication: Protection of the email identity via encryption and digital signature, prevention of tampering
  • Save authentication: Various authentication levels to guarantee the identity of the user
  • Electronic signature for Office documents: An electronically signed document proves the authorship and informs the recipient about all non-authorized changes
  • Cost-effective protection: Within the protected email address an unlimited number of mails and documents can be encrypted and signed
  • Easy implementation and usage: Just a few steps are needed to implement PersonalSign certificates, the singature of emails can be automated