SSL & S/MIME Certificates

Get a wide range of SSL & S/MIME products from leading providers at InterNetX,
which you can manage conveniently via a professional SSL management tool.

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Security solutions from DigiCert effectively secure websites, code and emails.

GeoTrust offers all common certificates such as Wildcard, Multi-domain, EV and UCC.


GlobalSign provides outstanding security solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Sectigo is one of the largest and leading providers of digital encryption worldwide.

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Thawte TLS/SSL certificates' clear features ensure strong authentication standards.

For each and every purpose,
we have the right certificate

 DV certificates:
Basic SSL
OV certificates
We recommend:
EV certificates
S/MIME certificates
Security level
Area of application
private web projects (forums, travel blogs etc.)company websites with low trafficonline shops and company websitesemail encryption of company communication
Company data in certificate
Green browser bar
digital signature in email
Malware scan & vulnerability analysis
DNS validationcompany validationcompany validationcompany validation
min. 1,250,000 USD1,500,000 USD
Online seal
seal in email client:




Which certificate should I choose?
Get an overview of the options here.

Our certificate guide gives you an overview of all the certificates on offer and helps you to make an informed choice by guiding you through the most important decisions. Take a look and find the best certificate for your requirements.

Use PROCEED to implement, exchange or renew SSL certificates and activate practical services to increase server performance. Moreover, with PROCEED, all communication channels – from the client to origin server – are not only partially but entirely protected with HTTPS and VPN. PROCEED enables you to switch any website to SSL within just a few clicks.

SSL Wizard
Find the right certificate quickly

What do you want to use the SSL certificate for?

Which of the following aspects is important for you?

What should be protected / encrypted?

Who has access to the server administration?

Which data may be checked during the application?

What scope of protection should the encryption have?

Which mail server should be protected?

Which level of encryption?

We recommend the following SSL certificate:

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Welcher Produktgruppe soll das SSL-Zertifikat angehören?

Diese SSL-Zertifikate gehören zur gewählten Produktgruppe:

Noch kein Kunde? Jetzt SSL-Reseller werden

It is not always easy to find the most suitable SSL certificate for a project. The InterNetX SSL Wizard helps you make the right decision. Simply answer a few short questions about your project and get a recommendation!

We are happy to consult you personally and assist your with any questions you have about the SSL products at InterNetX!

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Your SSL partner advantages at InterNetX

SSL Manager

Use SSL Manager, the practical SSL management software from InterNetX, to order and manage your SSL certificates quickly and efficiently.

Brand names

We offer high quality certificates and do not compromise on security. Our SSL products include some of the most innovative developments on the market.

Advice & support

We provide our customers with individual services, provide consultations, answer technical questions and help you find the right products.


Connect your system easily to SSL Manager via an XML oder JSON API. Protected by SSL, your orders are transferred and carried out and then confirmed via email / polling.

InterNetX wins the
DigiCert Innovation Award

This Innovation award goes to the partner who has developed an innovative platform which offers select products in an innovative, easy to use, way.

“Having already issued 8 million certificates this year, you just know that innovation is at the core of this award winner’s business.  Their innovative tools and platforms not only increase website loading speed, leading to decreased bounce rates, higher traffic and increased revenue for their customers but also help to reduce the need for substantial IT resources by making encryption as easy as just one click. This years award goes to… InterNetX”

Philip Antoniadis, Executive Vice President of WW Sales at DigiCert, Inc.

Digicert Platinum Elite Certified Partner

InterNetX is DigiCert Platinum Elite Certified Partner

By achieving the highest performance level InterNetX has been announced "DigiCert Platinum Elite Certified Partner". The broad range of DigiCert products allows InterNetX to find the best individual solution for different customer needs. Due to the high quality of the SSL certificates, including additional features such as DigiCert Secured Seal, malware scanning and a vulnerability assessment scan, you are fully protected against online security threats. Moreover, InterNetX is DigiCert Award Winner.

Professional certificate management with AutoDNS

The entire world of certificates on one platform. As experts in website & email encryption we offer an extensive range of high-quality certificates from leading providers in AutoDNS. You can also benefit, amongst other things, from:

  • Certificate recommendation via our step-by-step wizard
  • Automated CSR creation
  • DV, OV and EV certificates
  • Code signing and wildcard certificates
  • S/MIME certificates
  • API for automated services

SSL Manager

Use SSL Manager to easily order and manage SSL certificates online!

Test SSL Manager

Did you know?

An SSL certificate increases Google traffic, as the "HTTPS" provided by the SSL certificate improves your website ranking on search engines. Find out more...

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