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InterNetX ist offering various SSL products by well-known providers which you can manage easily through our professional SSL management tool.

SSL Manager

The practical SSL management solution by InterNetX - easily order and manage SSL certificates online!

Symantec Certs

SSL certificates with practical security applications - extra security, higher click rates, more online sales!

Thawte Certs

SSL certificates with extended validation (EV) - clear features ensure strong authentication standards!

GeoTrust Certs

GeoTrust True Business certificates – secure several domains efficiently with one certificate!

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Thawte SSL123GeoTrust QuickSSL PremiumGeoTrust True BusinessID

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It's not always easy to find the right SSL certificate for a website. The InterNetX SSL Wizard will help you making the right choice. All you need to do is answer a few questions regarding your project to receive your recommended certificate.

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We'll gladly assist you personally and support you in all your enquiries concerning your SSL portfolio at InterNetX!

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SSL Manager

The convenient SSL management software developed by InterNetX allows you to easily order and manage SSL certificates online. Find out more

Quality products

We are only using highest quality products and never compromise on security. Our SSL products are among the most innovative on the market.

Consulting & Support

Our multilingual support team will gladly assist you in finding the right product and help you with any technical questions you might have.


You can easily connect your system to SSL Manager through the XML API. All orders will be transmitted to InterNetX secured by SSL.

Symantec Website Security Platinum Partner

InterNetX is a Symantec Website Security Platinum partner

The broad range of Symantec SSL products allows InterNetX to find the best individual solution for different customer needs. Due to the high quality of the SSL certificates, including additional features such as Trusted Seal, malware scanning or a vulnerability assessment scan, you are fully protected against online security threats. Moreover, InterNetX is SYMANTEC EMEA PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2017.

SSL Manager

Use SSL Manager to easily order and manage SSL certificates online!

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  • White-label version for resellers
  • Convenient billing features

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  • Encrypted online transaction of confidential data
  • Certificate with explicit authentification information to certify reliability

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a protocol that was developed to enable secure data transfers via Internet. SSL certificates, amongst others, are used for online banking or shop solutions. All browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozillla Firefox and Safari etc. support this standard.

SSL offers encrypted connections between servers and clients with certificates complying with the X.509 standard – and additionally safeguards message integrity. SSL uses the public-key method to do this. Data is encoded with a public key and can then only be decoded with a private key.

From the InterNetX Blog


Since the scandal of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the discussion surrounding security with regard to e-mail communication has once again come to the center of attention. The consequences of a security gap in email...


As of January 1, 2017, Google Chrome will mark websites without SSL encryption as unsafe! We show you how to act proactively and how SSL encryption works.


The video streaming provider will use secure HTTPS to transport the content to their users. The company is aiming for blanket coverage by the end of the year.


Severe security vulnerabilities have taken a toll on user’s confidence in the Internet. The "Encryption Everywhere" initiative is striving to implement blanket encryption – providing a simple solution for creating a secure online...

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