GeoTrust SSL Certificates

The GeoTrust True Business Certificates allow you to secure several domains with one certificate - saving you time and money.

GeoTrust has issued more than 500,000 certificates to over 300,000 companies through-out more than 170 countries. Thanks to the broad range of GeoTrust certificates, companies of all sizes can find a cost-efficient security solution. GeoTrust is an integral part of the DigiCert product line-up and offers high-quality Extended, Organization and Domain Validation Certificates.

A SAN package can be ordered separately with GeoTrust SSL certificates. This allows you to include up to 200 domains in the standard certificate.

year Plan
Malware Scan
GuaranteeTrust Seal
Basic SSL140 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium40 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
DV Add-on Option$500.000
GeoTrust True BusinessID40 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
OV Add-on Option$1.250.000 
GeoTrust True BusinessID EV40 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
EV Add-on Option$1.500.000
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard40 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
OV Add-on Option$1.250.000 

1 When renewed the remaining term for the Basic SSL certificate will not be taken over.

GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium
A Domain Validation Certificate for the basic encryption of up to 4 sub domains.

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV
This Organization Validation Certificate offers high-encryption standards for businesses.

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV
An Extended Validation Certificate for a maximum of trustworthiness and security.

GeoTrust True BusinessID OV Wildcard
An Organization Validation Certificate for protecting an infinite number of host names.

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