Symantec SSL Certificates

Choose the certificate which best fits your individual needs from the various Symantec SSL products. 

Symantec provides powerful website security solutions that allow companies and consumers alike to safely navigate the Internet and to perform secure online transactions. Symantec is continuously investing in research and development to enhance its security products to counteract all security challenges on the Internet. New and improved features ensure that the SSL certificates are always up to date and keep SSL-protected websites safe from potential attacks.

Certificate Encryption Extended
Malware Scan
Trust Seal
Symantec Secure Site 40 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
1.500.000 USD
Symantec Secure Site Pro 128 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
1.500.000 USD
Symantec Secure Site with EV 40 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
1.750.000 USD
Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV 128 Bit (Minimum)
up to 256 Bit
1.750.000 USD

Symantec Secure Site
An Organization Validation Certificate, which allows for a secure transmission of confidential data on websites as well as in intranets and extranets.

Symantec Secure Site Pro
An Organization Validation Certificate, which guarantees each visitor the highest possible encryption including Server Gated Cryptography (SGC).

Symantec Secure Site with EV
An Extended Validation Certificate, which helps draw more visitors to your website and increases confidence in secure data transmission.

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV
The best SSL solution possible, providing the highest security standards  maximum reliability, more traffic, higher profits.


By using seals of confidence such as the Norton Secured Seal you can show your visitors that security is a top priority for you. The Norton Secured Seal is a dynamic, animated graphic that is displayed only on websites that are secured with a Symantec SSL certificate or that are authenticated by Symantec. If a visitor clicks on the Norton seal, a verification site will open with information about the relevant company, the status of the malware search and details about the implemented SSL certificate. The Norton Secured Seal is displayed in 170 countries more than a half billion times per day.


When searching the web, users find many websites that are able to process business transactions. The Symantec Seal-in-Search technology – an exclusive mark of Symantec SSL certification solutions and the Norton Secured Seal – displays the Norton seal directly next to the website link – a sign for the trustworthiness of the website validated by Symantec.

In browsers Symantec Seal-in-Search can be displayed through a free plugin and on partner shopping websites as well as on websites that assess products. Additionally, the Seal-in-Search shows in popular search engines if the user has implemented a security solution from Symantec (Norton Antivirus) or AVG (AVG Antivirus). According to Symantec, this is the case for over 60 million computers.


Malware is a harmful computer code. Hackers use security gaps to get access to websites and install malware.

Such malware can be used to spread viruses, take control of other computers and steal personal data. Very often malware is quite difficult to detect and can perhaps infect the computers of your customers when visiting your website.

The daily search for malware on websites comes with each Symantec SSL certificate and is also available as an add-on option for GeoTrust certificates.

The malware search scans the website code that is stored in the host name of the SSL certificate including JavaScript and iFrames. The service analyses the website code and carries out a behavioral analysis through a browser simulation. If malware is detected, a notification will be displayed immediately.

Digicert Platinum Elite Certified Partner

InterNetX is a Digicert Platinum Elite Certified Partner

By achieving the hightest performance level InterNetX has been announced "Digicert Platinum Elite Certified Partner". The broad range of Symantec SSL products allows InterNetX to find the best individual solution for different customer needs. Due to the high quality of the SSL certificates, including additional features such as Trusted Seal, malware scanning or a vulnerability assessment scan, you are fully protected against online security threats.