.MADRID Domains

.MADRID is the new gTLD for the capital and largest city of Spain.
.MADRID encompasses the geographical, political and cultural heart of the country and is sure to draw attention.

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The domain extension for the Spanish capital region

It was announced in 2014 and has been long awaited: The GeoTLD .MADRID. The Comunidad de Madrid pushed for the introduction of the domain name extension to secure a permanent address on the Internet for the Spanish capital. And rightly so: The Madrid metropolitan area is one of the largest urban centers in Europe with about seven million inhabitants. Madrid is Spain's cultural, economic and political center and, as a strategic trade and financial hub, has immense national as well as international significance. .MADRID domains not only help to represent the "Madrileños" online but also offer the financial sector, cultural institutions, companies, museums and many more the creative scope for professional domain marketing. .MADRID expresses economic prowess and Spanish joie de vivre in a nutshell. Thanks to the top-level domain .MADRID, the Spanish capital too now gains the coveted status of a "Dot City", enjoying the good company of .BERLIN or .HAMBURG and .TOKYO. .MADRID clearly expresses the trend of "glocalization" and a return to regional strengths. The domain extension will continue to shape the brand "Madrid" – also on the international stage. The highlight: .MADRID has been in the Sunrise Period since mid-July 2019. This phase will last until October 3rd, 2019, before it will go live on October 10, 2019, entering General Availability. In the Sunrise Period, registering domains is reserved for companies and trademark owners. Customers can preregister .MADRID domains at InterNetX, as we are a direct partner of Agencia para la Administración Digital Comunidad de Madrid.

.MADRID domains – Advantages at a glance

  • expressive: a suitable top-level domain for domain traders, brand owners and entrepreneurs from the Madrid metropolitan area
  • target-oriented: users love keyword domains and brands – .MADRID effectively addresses international audiences
  • strong growth: geoTLDs like .BERLIN or .HAMBURG show increasing registration numbers